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My blog is about testing products and when I love them, sharing it with all my readers. I really don’t post on products I have never tried, however this post about Colief Infant Drops is one exception and there is a reason for this exception (and NO I am not being paid in any way for this post, I was however sent the product to try out). If your a mother or father of a baby with colic, you will understand when I say that you look for ANY solution humanly possible to help! I tried two types of baby carriers (the Bjorn and the Kangaroo) which was a temporary solution … walking around the house (hands free) for hours on end to get the baby to stop crying, bouncing on a stability ball also for hours getting your fill of Ellen and Soap Opera’s and then putting that baby in the car seat, attaching it onto the stroller and bolting out the door in the dead of winter because for some reason the movement and the cold seemed to get him to sleep. Yes I also tried countless items on the market and nothing seemed to work.

I was recently introduced to a colic relief product and being pregnant with my second I was intrigued enough to research it. I saw this product got the PTPA seal of approval which in my books is the biggest seal of approval you can have because it was tested by other moms and approved and I can tell you that if I do have another colicky baby, I will absolutely try this product.

Information on Colief:
Colief Infant Drops (www.colief.com) is the only colic solution that has been clinically proven to reduce colic-associated crying time by 45% when caused by Transient Lactase Deficiency (TLD)*.  TLD is a temporary lactose intolerance that occurs in approximately 38% of infants who develop colic.

For babies with TLD, research suggests, that adding a lactase enzyme – as only found in Colief Infant Drops – to either the breast milk or milk-based formula, can help the baby to digest the lactase, reducing colic.

What else is unique about Colief?

  • The drops are mixed with the milk (either a small amount of expressed breast milk or the milk-based formula bottle), so it is not given directly to the baby
  • Can be used with breast milk, so it allows a breastfeeding mom to continue to do so without experimenting with other feeding styles, such as formulas
  • Clinically-proven
  • It helps digest around 70% of the lactose, allowing the baby’s natural digestion to take care of the rest for better digestive development
  • Can assist with colic clarity as a first-step in determining if the baby has TLD-associated colic before experimenting with other options

Here’s the one negative … it’s currently not available in Canada, but it’s in the works. If your headin over the border, stock up LOL :)

Thank you to our friends at Colief Infant Drops, they are giving away 1 bottle to one of my lucky readers. The contest IS open to Canadian and US residents! Here’s how to enter .. it’s easy.

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  1. FYI…..it is available in Canada, I live in Ontario, and just purchased my first bottle at Shoppers DrugMart. Its sells for $15.49, I’ve only started giving my LO his first dose this evening, so I cannot honestly say it works….not just yet….but its gotten great reviews, so hope it works for my 5 wk old.

    • TKrajden says:

      Thanks for the update Zee!!!! I was told that it would be here soon – glad to know it is on the shelves. Keep me posted on your thoughts. I hope it works

  2. Hi Zee,
    I am also in Ontario and have been to 4 shoppers drug marts searching for Colief. I would love to know where you got yours. I’m in the GTA. Many thanks!

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