Back-to-School Success #MomTrust

Back to School

This back-to-school year was a big one for me … my first born was going into Junior Kindergarten … WHAT?! How did this happen so quickly, I mean I swear he was just 2.

Truly, I am not sure who was more nervous, him or me. It was as if I was going back to school again, I couldn’t sleep partially because of excitement for him and partially I was worrying about all the little things I know I can’t control. It wasn’t until the middle of the night I realized that I had NO idea what to send in his backpack, I thought there was some sort of guide (kind of like when your baby is born you wonder if there is some sort of mom manual). Thank goodness for my friends with older kids at the same school, because they got a frantic call from me at 6:30am. As unorganized as I was, I had a moment of clarity and  started making lists of lunch and snack options which made grocery shopping that evening a lot easier and then making secondary lists of food rotations. Yes this seems crazy, but I have the PICKIEST eater in my house and mornings are very slow in my house so this just helps make things just a tad bit easier and faster in the mornings especially the first day of school morning.

It wasn’t until we walked out of the house and my big guy looked at me with sheer excitement and said he was ready to go to Junior Kindergarten and that is when I smiled and realized that everything was going to be ok (for him and me).

Frankie School


Enjoy these moments because they only happen once
Happy Back-to-School to all your little one’s

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  2. Well said. Totally how I felt!

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