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When it comes to colds and flus, I like to use all natural remedies. I have been using Boiron products since my older guy was born (my girlfriend swore by it), so when they asked me to review their line, I was happy to do so (and I got to test out new products that I hadn’t used before).

Boiron Products

Thanks Boiron for the great cold and flu pack, good timing #mommycold

As my 3 year old gets older, his colds seem to be getting more intense and those damn coughs last soooo much longer! Lucky for me, he went from one cold immediately to the next so it was a good time to try out the new Boiron products I had not yet tried. Even luckier for me, he passed along his cold to me so now I was able to try out the remedies for adults.

Well let me say that for the last four weeks I have had a lingering cough that has kept me up all night (and my husband). I have to sleep on a 90 degree angle just to stop coughing for a very small period of time. As I started to write this blog post, I remembered that some of the products I was sent were for adults and one specifically was for coughs (it’s like they knew) called Stodal and for real, last night was the first night I slept for four hours uninterrupted and I attribute that to Stodal and best part, it doesn’t taste awful like all the cold/cough medications on the market (cough syrup is disgusting). They also have a kids version ($10 kids, $15 adults)

Boiron Stodal


My first born was 7 months old when he got his first cold and a friend of mine, who’s daughter is older, told me she swore by Coryzalia and passed along a few samples for me to try out. Two and a half years later, I am still using it to help with decongestion, sneezing and runny nose. Now his nose runs pretty much all winter, but it did help with the continuous sneezing and the stuff nose along with a humidifier and being elevated. If your older one is like mine and comes home weekly with a cold and has gotten your little one sick, you can give this to your little guy starting at 1 month of age. $15 for kids, $14 for adults.


Ok so these are a must buy, Fever Bugz! When you are concerned that your little guy has a fever, peel and stick on to their forehead and then show them in the mirror and you will be sure to get a laugh out of them. The image that will come up will show you whether they have a temperature. Best part, they are reusable. I have a pack of these on every floor in my house .. you never know when you need them.

Fever Bugz

I was just introduced to Oscillococcinum (that’s a mouth full) to relieve flu symptoms and is good for the whole family. Nobody has yet to get a fever (I hope I didn’t just jinx myself) but when the time arises, we will try this out and will let you know. $21 for 12 doses

OscillococcinumLastly, there is one more remedy for cold/flu season called Cicadermine which provides relief for skin and nasal passage irritation from all the nose blowing. Made with plant extracts to soothe irritated skin and mucous membranes, it can be used to relieve the dry, and red skin around the nose, as well as in the treatment of chapped lips, and dry cuticles (hey why not) $9


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Good luck this cold and flu season, these products will sure be of help

Disclaimer: I was given these products free of charge to test out and review. All the opinions above are are my own.


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