Books Galore!!!

I am not sure about you, but I always found it extremely overwhelming walking into the baby book section at a bookstore and being completely clueless about which books to buy. Now that Frankie is older, I know exactly which kinds of books he likes and dislikes and I thought I would share the favorites:

1. Baby Talk Giant Flaps Board Book by DK: I have been reading this book with Frankie since he was little and about 6 months ago it became part of our bedtime routine where he would lift the flap and act out what was on the page, so when it was baby eating and I said “yummy yummy” he would rub his belly and then the last page was a baby going to sleep and I would say “night night” and he would put his head on my chest and then I would put him to bed. It was a nice bed time book! $6.00

2. First Words Flash Card Book by Roger Priddy: I bought this book when Frankie was little and only recently he has shown interest in it. He loves peeling out the flash cards, giving it to me and I read the back. Now, I take out all the flash cards, lay them out and ask him to pass me “the orange” or “the apple” etc. This book really helps them learn new words and it also shows me that he understands what I am saying. Sadly we lost the doggy as he wanted to carry that one where ever we went. I highly recommend putting them into the folder at the back of the book when you are done with them. $13

3. That’s not my Tractor by F. Watt: These definitely aren’t the cheapest books, but Frankie surely loves them!!! There is an entire series with animals, objects and so much more. One thing I know Frankie loves is touch and feel books, but he really likes the one’s with different textures to scratch and this book definitely has them. I will eventually own the entire series 🙂 $13

4. Bright Baby Slide and Find Who’s My Mom? by Roger Priddy: I saw this book and thought it was a neat idea and a little different from the flip books so I bought it and another one called Trucks. Frankie really loooooves this book!!! Each page has a window that you slide up and it reveals one of the animal mommies (also available in Trucks, Animals, Moo etc). $6.00

5. Where’s Spot by Eric Hill: A childhood favorite for many and now my son loves this book. This is the newest of our bed time books and I honestly think this book is how my son learned ot say NO 🙂 None-the-less, he opens all the flaps and when my husband asks if that is spot he screams out NOOOOO, it’s actually quite cute. $12

6. Brown Bear, Brown Bear What do you See by Bill Martin: Now I have recently borrowed this book from a friend of mine to get Frankie used to repeating easy words, but I am told this is the BEST book!! So many of my friends have told me how much their kids love it, so I am giving it a shot. $9

7. Pop-Up Peekaboo by Dorling Kindersley: This is a fun book where the images pop up when you turn the pages. I wouldnt recommend the book for the younger one’s as they just pull on the pop ups and well it isnt hard to salvage (trust me i know) – I keep this book at arms reach 🙂 $11

I always love to hear from other mom’s and dad’s, so if you have any great book recommendations, please post them below to share with others!!! I love making new friends, so pass this post along to any family members or friends with kids, neices or nephews.


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