Get Ready to Run Walk Wheel and Roll


Do you know Three to Be? If you don’t than you should because it’s an amazing non-profit organization who’s “mission is to support and advance the development of innovative research, therapies and education for children with neurological disorders and their families.” and boy have they done wonderful things!

So what are you doing on Sunday May 24th? No plans, great! Bring the whole family to Run Walk Wheel and Roll which is a fun event for adults and kids. This amazing event gives everyone the opportunity to participate whichever way they want, whether it be going for a 1K walk, 3K stroll or 5K run (or whichever way you want to do it), there is something for every ability.

It only costs $15 per participant! When you register you can set up a page to share with your family and friends to encourage them to make a donation to this wonderful cause AND it doesn’t stop there … with each entry, your name is entered into a draw to attend the Finale of Big Brother Canada and receive an exclusive tour of the house where you might see the Final 3 house guests! (ummm A-M-A-Z-I-N-G). The top fundraiser will also have a chance to win a trip for two to St. Lucia (airfare not included) staying at the luxurious Windjammer resort!

See below for more information for the location of the event.

Run Walk Wheel and Roll



 So whether you are runnin’, walkin’, wheelin’ or strollin’ make sure to come out and join in the fun while supporting an amazing cause.

Check Three to Be out:
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Fall has Begun at Kidville

Kidville Canada

It’s funny how we wait all year for summer to come and then as soon as summer arrives, us parents immediately have to start planning our kids programs for Fall. Of course we want them to be outside as much as possible to soak in the last little bit of decent weather, but as we all know, one minute it’s Fall and the next, you look outside and there is snow on the ground. Is it just me or is there is no gradual weather change anymore?! Speaking of which, it is officially freezing outside (yes I just used the word freezing to describe mid September, but hey three days ago it was 28 degrees and now it is 8) so time to start moving those playdates and music groups indoors.

Since Kidville opened in Toronto, I was very curious about their classes as I had been to multiple birthday parties there and I loved so many aspects of it, but since I work full time and am not in walking distance it wasn’t possible for me at the time to attend classes.

Mid-summer, I was asked to have some friends attend a class at Kidville called Rockin’ Railroad for review and since I was on maternity leave, I happily accepted and honestly speaking I can not say enough great things about the class and facility. Let me start off by saying that this is not your standard music class where you have a music teacher singing the Alphabet song and Twinkle Twinkle with some little puppets on their fingers.

Kidville Toronto


This music class has a 4 piece children’s band playing fun, upbeat music and they have every tool in the box to keep the little one’s engaged throughout the entire class. Everything from big puppets, books, bubbles, hand instruments and big drums teaching your children tempo, rhythm, word recognition, and sound identification. Truly what more can you ask for in a music class.

Kidville Toronto


After music class, we were all invited into their amazing indoor play-space/gym and all I have to say is WOW! Basically it is a giant padded play room where kids can play in a safe environment. They have a mini zip line and climbing wall for the older children and a lot of large geometric padded shapes for the little one’s to play in/on and explore.

Kidville Toronto


The cleanliness of the facility is amazing; no shoes for both the adults and the kids and there is a ‘must wear socks’ rule which I appreciate (so no bare feet – yuk).

We loved our experience at Kidville and I am absolutely certain you and your little one(s) will as well. Fall session has JUST begun, so make sure to check out all they have to offer because they have great, one of a kind programs that nobody else offers!  Call Kidville at (416) 483-7070 to learn more and to register today

Happy playing

African Lion Safari Review and Enter to WIN!

African Lion Safari Review

You can’t tell me that every time you hear “African Lion Safari” you don’t sing the jingle in your heard (or in my case out loud), it’s so catchy!!!

To tell you the truth, i’ve always know about African Lion Safari, but wasn’t sure I wanted to go simply because I was scared my car would get wrecked by the animals (well that’s what the rumour was), so I just figured it as a place I would never see … BIG MISTAKE!!! I had the opportunity to go this past weekend (which I was going to pass on originally) and honestly speaking I want to go back again it was so much fun. Let me tell you about my experience:

First let me say that I thought we were driving into Jurassic Park with the big caged entrance and my girlfriend and I couldn’t stop laughing (we tend to laugh when we are uncomfortable). Within the first two minutes, we saw gorgeous lions (males and females) honestly 10-15 feet from our car and the kids went CRAZY!!!!!!!! For the nervous parents out there (ya that’s me) windows always have to stay closed and there are staffed trucks driving around dissuading a lion from approaching a car … eek.

African Lion Safari Review

No zoom on these pictures

RUMOUR CONTROL: there is a sign that says MONKEY BYPASS and that is your opportunity to pass by the monkey area and head straight to the next animal. Now, our plan was to bypass the monkey’s, but amongst our excitement from seeing the lions, we saw the bypass sign as we were driving by it … oops. It is true, the monkey’s do climb and play on cars, but from what we saw, they really gravitate towards the pick-up trucks. I think we secretly hoped that a monkey would climb on our car, but that was not the case (probably a good thing) and there were no damaged cars! As a side note: there is a bus that you can go on to take the tour if you are truly worried about your car (additional cost).

African Lion Safari Review

That’s not our car 🙂 – Again, no zoom

The boys saw Giraffes (including a baby one), Zebras, Rhino’s and Gazelle’s, but the best was the Ostrich which crossed the road right in front of us and then walked right over to our car and started tapping at the window and made everyone laugh hysterically.

African Lion Safari

It doesn’t stop there! At 12:30 daily, there is an elephant swim where everyone gathers along the fence to watch all the elephants take a dip. I recommend going early to this because it’s hard to find a spot where the little one’s can see. Lucky for us, there was a kind lady who let the boys go in front of her so they could see and they swim along the edge and play in the water.

African Lion Safari Review

Now the biggest reveal … African Lion Safari has THE BEST WATER PARK EVER!!!!!!!!!! Who knew????!!!!! How come with everything I have heard, nobody has ever talked about this INSANE water park???!!!! I wish there was a video tape of all our reactions when seeing this water park for the first time because it must have been classic. Great for kids of all ages and there are so many interactive things to play with! One note: for the water slides and the tropical pool (I just named it that), there is a height restriction which accompanies a green wristband.

African Lion Safari Water Park

We ended our day there because that was a lot of excitement for one day (my guy passed out at 7:15pm) but there is so much more to do there: Bird and animal performances, Boat cruise, Scenic railway tour and a petting zoo … next time!

Thank you to our friends at African Lion Safari, they are giving away a family pass for 4 (2 adults and 2 kids) to one lucky reader! The contest is open to residents of Ontario only. Here’s how to enter:

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Happy safari’ing

Cedarvale MarketPlace Day

Cedarvale MarketPlace Day


Looking for something to do with the kids next weekend? Come to Cedarvale MarketPlace Day where parents can shop and kids can run around and have fun. Get great items for Mothers day, camp or simply just shop for yourself.

What is there for the kids?
Face Painting
Henna Tattoos
Balloon Twisting
Photo Booth

What is there for adults?
Great gift-ware
Children’s Items
Catered Cafe (breakfast/lunch/snacks from Barque, Elyse Leanna Catering, Baker and Scone, Mad Mexican and Cedarvale’s grilled cheese bar)

Date: Saturday April 26th
Time: 10am-4pm
Where: Cedarvale Community School (145 Ava Road)

Head over to their Facebook page and give them a ‘like’ – you will also find a detailed list of the vendors there I look forward to seeing everyone there


Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park – Enter to Win a FREE Jumping Pass

Sky Zone

Would children view this as exercise .. NO!!!! Let me tell you, those kids are coming off the tramponlie’s completely red faced and out of breathe from all the running and jumping – this is actual exercise and my husband will attest to that!!!!

BEST PLACE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t even begin to explain how A-MAZING Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park is, but I am going to in a very lengthy post because this is one place that everyone (yes adults included) must experience at least once. Make sure to read through the whole post because there are so many different things this place has to offer!!! Being pregnant I was pretty sure that I shouldn’t go on and let me tell you there was pure jealousy going on – this kind of stuff is right up my alley!!!

What’s There:

For real .. what isn’t there is really the question!!!

First off every court has angled walls that you can jump off of. All those who have dreams of being Spider-Man, your dream might just come true here

There are 3 or 4 trampoline courts and then one MASSIVE court

sky zone

Frankie’s first jump!!!!

There is a large foam pit which have about 5 individual trampolines in front of the pit to run/jump/flip off of and land softly (and sink) – I saw some pretty cool flips!!! Frankie on the other hand clearly didn’t get the concept, he jumped on the trampoline and then crawled into the pit 🙂

Sky zone

He didn’t quite grasp the concept of jumping into the pit LOL!

Obviously we didn’t try it, but there are two trampoline basketball courts where you jump/flip (whatever your heart desires) down the trampoline and then do a slam dunk. There are two heights, one for the younger(ish) kids or smaller adults (lol) and one for the adults or taller kids

Sky Zone Basketball

Obviously not my child … but HOW COOL!!!!!!!!!

For the dodgeball players out there, they have regular courts that are all set up for dodgeball games. The staff here were all soooo nice and opened up one of the courts just for my husband and Frankie to jump by themselves.

Sky zone dodgeball

I’m actually not sure who is having more fun, my husband or my son???!!

There are three large party rooms each equipped with a tv and metal picnic tables for birthdays

Sky zone party room

One of the party rooms

Here’s How it Works:

– You buy a pass/ticket online at OR for either jumping for half an hour or an hour. Yes you can walk in, however, I do not recommend it as they only sell 100 spots in order to keep the facility safe and if those are all sold when you come in you have to wait to jump (if you have a little one that to me just sounds like a disaster! Picture waiving candy in front of your child and then telling him/her they cant have it – YIKES!)

– When you go into the facility, you have to sign a waver. Read through it to make sure you are comfortable with everything. Then, you (the jumper) get a pair of what looks to be “moon” shoes (don’t worry footphobics, they are very clean) … little one’s just go bare foot.

– You go to the assigned court and a referee type person explains the rules of the trampoline and then you are off to jump free!

Some of the Rules:

Try explaining to a two year old the rules (it makes me laugh just thinking about it) – it’s really up to you the parent to try to explain in toddler terms what to do and not to do (this is not an easy task)

– As you can see from the the pictures, the courts are separated into squares and only one person can jump in a square at a time (really smart to avoid collisions). On the busier days, like weekends, there are certain number of spaces/squares that adults must keep from kids and larger kids from smaller kids, again to avoid collisions which any adult can appreciate. However, if you have a smaller child who especially is shy and wants to stick near their parent, that is a no no so maybe it is better at that point to stay on the side lines and watch.

– The blue pad partition’s are not there to sit and hang out on, a parent can stand on it to help steer their little one in the right direction but that’s really it.

What they Offer Besides Plain ol’ JUMPIN’:

– Skyrobics: If I wasn’t pregnant I would have been reviewing this because this sounds A-MAZING!!!!

– Toddler Time: Tuesday and Thursday mornings, there are toddler times which is great

– Dodgeball Leagues

– Private parties: you can rent out courts for adult or kids parties

Here’s how it ends:

sky zone tired

The End …


THANK YOU to all our wonderful friends at Sky Zone, they are giving away 1 pass for 1 hour of FREE jumping to two of my lucky readers!!! Here’s how to enter:

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For more information on Sky Zone: prices, locations etc visit or

Happy jumping