Disney Presents ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

Saving Mr. Banks


If you loved Mary Poppins (who didn’t) you are going to love the movie Saving Mr. Banks as it’s the backstory behind the making of the classic book, Mary Poppins. After a 20 year struggle of trying to obtain the screen rights to the book Mary Poppins, the author, P.L Travers, agrees to fly out to Walt Disney Studios in L.A to meet with Walt himself to decide whether she wants to approve or disapprove of what the writers have put together. We quickly learn why she is attached to the character Mary Poppins through flashbacks to her childhood (the other side of the story). Did I mention it is based on true events!!! I found myself quite emotional watching the movie and then catching myself laughing out loud. If you are looking for one of those movies that just puts a smile on your face, this just might be it!

One thing to note: I wouldn’t define this as a kids movie, I think of it more as an adult movie for those who grew up watching Mary Poppins.

Here is the trailer (don’t worry no spoilers)

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