Hasbro’s Newest … Marvel’s Superhero Mashers

Marvel Superhero Mashers

25 Spider-Man’s, 6 Hulk’s, 4 Thor’s, 12 Iron Man’s, 3 Dr. Doom’s, 6 Captain America’s, 4 Wolverines … and … I am going to stop there! Obsession much?!

A child’s imagination goes a long way especially when it involves Superheroes (at least in my boy world they do). My older son will use my younger sons play mat as a jungle gym for the Superheroes to have a battle, they then jump into the baby jumper to play in the playground and a lot of the time they end up in the pack n’ play which he calls jail.

Hasbro has fed into their imagination and created the ultimate custom Superhero … Mashers! Your little one can mix up their favourite Superheroes and create a brand new Superhero. You should hear some of the names F has come up with that have some funny super powers!

Superhero Mashers

This is a fun collection where the more you collect the more creative your little one’s can get and they can keep on mashing them up to create a whole new Superhero over and over again.

Mashers Collection Includes: Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, Electronic Iron Man, Electronic Wolverine, Hawkeye and Thor

Where to Buy: Target, Walmart, Superstores and Toys R Us

Happy mashing

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