Music with Nancy


I know there are a lot of mom’s looking for music programs for their little one’s, whether it be to join one or host one and here is an artist to note! Nancy music for babies, toddlers and families is fantastic, her class was one of the first music classes we took when Frankie was a baby.  I can tell you that her original music (she has 2 albums, “I Know I’ll Grow….” and “The Seasons”) keeps the little one’s interested and focused and the music classes are interactive which worked well for me having a colicky baby.  They are both “must-have” albums for long (or short) car rides as her music is soothing and catchy.

If you “like” her Facebook Page, “Music With Nancy”, she posts videos for your kids to enjoy along with you. Check out her videos for babies and kids on her Youtube Channel:  “Music With Nancy.

Here are a few samples:

Happy dancing


  1. I heard nancy live and she is so amazing. My granddaughter of 16 month actually can’t stop clapping and moving when nancy’s songs are played. This artist is a must for parents with young kids.

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