My Top 13 Favorite Books for Babies and Toddlers

When Frankie was born, my siblings bought him a ton of books to fill our very empty bookshelf in his room. I read in multiple mom books and magazines that you should introduce your child to books at an early age, so when Frankie was only a few months old I tried reading to him, but wouldnt even last past a few pages before he started to squirm or cry. I gave up for a little while and then after a few months went by and he was able to sit on his own, I put a bunch of books infront of him and he started flipping over the pages. Now he hands me the books to read to him. Here is a list of some of our favorite books:

Peek-a-who? by Nina Laden: This is by far Frankie’s favorite book. Obviously I know this one by heart, but he just loves when I bring out this book. This was a hand-me-down from my sister and I hope she never asks for it back. It has a mirror at the end and when he flips the page, he kisses the mirror

You are my cupcake by Joyce Wan: We were given this book as a gift from a very special friend and I was instantly drawn in by the animation. The book is beyond cute and has all our favorite names we call our kids

Noisy Peekaboo Books by DK: A new find and an AMAZING one at that. I think I have bought all the editions. These make an amazing gift. Each book is about baby not being able to find something and you have to open each flap to find where the missing object is and under one flap when lifted makes the noise of the object. Frankie loves going through all the flaps and then finding the one that makes the noise

Clap Your Hands: Elmo in 3D, what more do I need to say 🙂 A puppet book where you clap Elmo’s hands with every page. I haven’t given this to Frankie yet, I am saving it for the plane but I can only imagine his reaction. I bought this book for my neice a few years back and she loved it.

Touch and Feel Farm and Touch and Feel Zoo by Dwell Studios: Who knew that Dwell Studios makes books and great books at that. There are a few more, but these two are touch and feel but with different textures than the usual touch and feel books

123 Sesame Street 12 Pack: A cute collection that comes in a great case with 12 little mini board books with all different Sesame Street characters

My Belly Button by Melanie O’Brien: This was a fun find at the Baby Time Show. Every time you flip the page, the babies belly button appears on each page and you push the belly button and she giggles and giggles and giggles which makes Frankie giggle – too cute

Rocker Babies Wear Jeans by Michelle Sinclair Colman: A fun rocker book! This book totally suits me because Frankie is always in Rocker clothes. We got this one as a gift and it is just the cutest book. It incorporates Rocker with Baby

Up, Down, Round and Round! by Justine Smith: So much to do inside this book, pull things, move things and best of all there are big pop out pictures

Baby Boo! – This is great for babies and for toddlers – another amazing hand-me-down from my sister. Great baby expressions and you can really have fun with this book through being animated with your baby. At the end there is a little mirror which again, Frankie loves to kiss

Little Puppy – Finger Puppet Book: I love the finger puppet books, the reaction I get is hilarious. It’s as if he cant figure out how the puppy is moving. The puppet goes through to every page and is fun for the kids

Barnyard Bath by Sandra Boyton: A great bath book. If these bath time books are not in the tub when he gets in, he cries. This one comes with a wash cloth and teaches children about bath time

Bath Time by Sandra Boyton: Another fav that I know off by heart “hey hey what do you say, its time to take a bath today …” Frankie always hands me this book to read to him in the bath (2 or 3 times hence why I know the book off by heart). At the end the you squeeze the piggy’s nose and it makes a funny noise and Frankie kisses him.

If anyone has any book recommendations, feel free to post them on my Babylish Advice Facebook page or comment below. I hope your kids love the suggestions.



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