Playtex SmartBrush Bottle Brush #MomTrustReviewCanada

Typical me, I have tried at least 5 different bottle brushes and so far two have fallen apart, one I couldn’t get into my bottles, one the nipple brush kept falling off and I eventually lost it and the other the bristles were so hard that when I put the soap on it, it did not create a lather and didn’t clean the bottles, not to mention that when I pulled it out of my bottle the soap sprayed everywhere … UGH!!!!!!!!!!!

As I previously mentioned, being part of the #MomTrust program I am able to test new products and I chose to try out the new Playtex SmartBrush Bottle Brush and was quite nervous that it would be another one that would end up in the garbage and I have to say it is by far superior to all those I have tested out and I have been more than thrilled with it.

Playtex Smartbrush Bottle Brush

Here are features I really like:
– First and foremost it fits into my bottles and quite nicely I must add. I don’t need to shove it in there and happily I don’t get an unwanted shower when I pull the brush out of the bottle.
– The bristles are soft, are different lengths making sure it gets all parts of the bottle, as well they are angled to get into the hard to reach nooks of the bottle
– The nipple brush twists onto the bottom and has a lot of bristles so it cleans the nipples well (which some might find annoying to have to screw on and off the brush but I like that aspect)
– There is a little window for the nipple brush to air dry which is awesome

Where to Buy: Toys R Us, Walmart
Price: $4.79

I would love to hear your thoughts on this bottle brush, feel free to comment below

Note: this is a #MomTrustReviewCanada
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  1. Does this for in the medela bottles used for pumping?

  2. LOVE this brush! I had snapped so many in half. This one is super sturdy

  3. I love this brush too – not only has it held up VERY well to months of use, but I love how the small and large brush attach so that they are easy to find come washing time.

  4. I can’t find this brush anywhere… Help!! I live in suburbia and have tons if stores around me, but none carry this brush … So sad!

    • Uyen I have emailed my contact and should have answers shortly. If I see it, I will message you, buy it and send it to you.

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