The ‘Baby Care Basics’ – Enter to WIN!

Parenting is hard … plain and simple!
Whether you are about to have your first baby or your third, those early days (that can stretch into weeks and months!) of parenting are a whirlwind of emotions, sleepless nights and questions (a lot of questions). And while we all have come to expect unconditional love to happen and exhaustion to reign supreme, what can take many a new parent by surprise is the constant question – “Am I doing this right”.
While no one has the magic bullet to calm your fears of making the “wrong” decision, there are resources available that will help guide you through. One such book I highly recommend is Baby Care Basics by Dr. Jeremy Friedman and Dr. Natasha Saunders. Working full time at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto has given these two doctors the background and knowledge to write a comprehensive but easy to read (and understand!) book that covers topics new moms needs to know; from breast- and formula-feeding (with no judgement with which you choose), introducing solid food, treating your baby’s illnesses to sleep habits, playing with your baby and much more. Seriously, where was this book after I had my first!!!!
 Why is this book important? 
    • Because, we all know despite all the planning in the world (and all the advice people will put upon you), nothing can quite prepare you for the big step from pregnancy to parenting.
    • Taking care of your baby is one of life’s biggest and most important challenges (challenge being the operative word here)
    • There is so much conflicting information available on the Internet, how can one be sure whom to trust?
    • Baby Care Basics replaces uncertainty with knowledge and insecurity with confidence
​Containing a wealth of reliable information that will help parents make the right choices for their baby, The Baby Care Basics Book answers the questions every new parent has on a daily basis, providing practical, expert advice on everything you need to know from pregnancy through your baby’s first year.
Thank you to our wonderful friends, they are giving us 1 book to give away to 1 of our lucky readers!  The giveaway is open to both Canadian and US residents ! Here is how to enter: 

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Let the book help you!

Children’s Books App #FarFaria – Enter to Win!



It seems that more and more kids these days are addicted to their tablets (no judgement here) and are no longer picking up those hardcover books that you have so many of (grrr). Now you can bring those fan favourites (Little Red Riding Hood, Beauty and the Beast, Peter Pan, Rapunzel and so many more) along with other great, fun stories to that tablet of theirs (or yours). If your kid(s) don’t really love books, now here is your chance to get them into books

Here’s how it works:
The app is FREE to download and you get one FREE book a day (no obligation). However, if you love the app as much as I do, you can subscribe for $3.99 a month and can read as many books as you want!


Have your child pick an island (BedTime Bluffs, GoodLand, Looney Lagoon, Sing Along City, Genius Jungle, Classics Grove, FairyTale Falls, Preschool Playground, Adventure Island, Animal Kingdom, Mt. Make Believe) and then scroll through all the books and have your little one pick a book! You can choose whether you want to read it yourself or if you want the book read to you and your ready to go. If your little one loves the book, add it to your “favourites” and you can read it offline too (great for plane rides).

Features I love about FarFaria:
– Add the books your kids love to the ‘favourites’ and read the books offline
– Read by level (the app grows with your kids)
– Browse by title / whats popular / new
– See what new books have been added by checking out the “whats new” tab
– Once your little one chooses a book, at the end there are recommendations for you based on the book you have chosen

Thanks to our friends at FarFaria, they are giving away a 6 month subscriptions to 3 of my lucky readers!!! Contest is open to CND and US residents. Here’s how to enter:

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Happy Reading and Good Luck

Christmas Gift Alert!!! The LeapReader by LeapFrog

Leap Frog LeapReader

Oh LeapFrog how I love thee!! I love toys, but these days I am really looking for products that are educational. I find with all LeapFrog products, they are there to assist in learning starting from Scout the dog to LeapReaders to the ever so amazing LeapPads (the Ultra is on my “must have” list).

I was given the LeapReader to test out and even though my son is only 3 and the recommended age is 4-8, I honestly learned of new abilities he had. There was a sampler learning paper writing sheet (it had letters and numbers to trace) included and he immediately took the LeapReader pen and started “loosely” tracing the letters. I obviously freaked out (in a good way) asking him where he learned to do that and he told me that they were doing that at school and so what did I do … I went out and bought more tracing books for the LeapReader!!!


Because we already have and use the LeapReader Junior, he knew that if you drag the pen over the words in the book that the pen would read the words for him. This is slightly to advanced as he had a hard time dragging the pen over the words as you need to basically need to go over the words in a straightly line whereas Scout is bigger and you just put the whole body over a word and it reads it, but I helped him by doing hand over hand and he really seemed to like the idea of it!

I think this is a great tool for older kids who are learning math and to read and write as it helps sound out words, builds vocabulary and improves listening skills. There are tons of fun books with some of your favourite characters (Sully, Nemo and Ariel to name a few) and I found bundle packs at Toys R Us the other day.

Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $59.99

Are you a fan of the LeapReader? We would love to hear what you have to say

Happy learning and Happy holidays