Introducing the NEW Playtex Diaper Genie Elite

What’s worse than a smelly diaper … a smelly garbage full of diapers!!!! You know what I am talking about … in that case you either didn’t register for a diaper garbage system pre-baby and therefore thought it would be an ok idea to use your regular garbage until someone bought it off your registry (bad idea) or you have opened someone else’s garbage and caught a waft (my stomach just turned thinking about that .. ew).

Of course you have heard of the Diaper Genie … well now there is a new Diaper Genie in town, the Diaper Genie Elite which has some new, great features (yes this stuff excites me even though I am semi close to my little one being out of diapers).

Diaper Genie Elite

What I love about the Diaper Genie Elite
– There are colour options now HOORAY!!! Grey, Blue and Pink
– Bigger step peddle (it’s the little things that make me happy)
– Has a carbon filter holder built right into the lid (and comes with one carbon filter), if your wondering this absorbs the odour therefore helping to eliminate it
– The front bin now opens for easy garbage removal (no more moving the pail from the wall)
– Easy assembly
– Built in cutter now under the top portion of the diaper pail (less bending is what that means)
– Uses the same refills as the older version so you don’t have to worry about wasting your old one’s (it also comes with 1 refill)
– Reasonably priced at $35.97 CAD
– Now available on  and offered with Prime for those Prime members

The Diaper Genie Elite

I bow down to The Diaper Genie Elite helping every room smell good one diaper at a time!
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The Smell Solution – Playtex Carbon Filter #MomTrust


When new moms ask me what is the one item (for baby) in my house that I can’t live without, my answer is simple … the Diaper Genie! It was one of those products that I originally put on my registry for those looking to buy gifts and then realized when the baby came that it was a huge mistake considering there were over 10 diapers in the garbage per day most of which had massive explosions in them and the smell … don’t even get me started. So, first post baby purchase was my Diaper Genie (thanks to my husband who immediately ran out to get it).

It does a great job keeping in the awful smell that 10+ smelly diapers would release, but then comes the moment you step on that peddle, the lid opens and poof you get a waft of that g-d awful smell and … well … kinda gag (lets be honest). That’s why I kept a bottle of Febreeze at every Diaper Genie .. until now!

I had the opportunity to test out the new Diaper Genie Activated Carbon Refill and truthfully speaking, I didn’t think there was any product (including Febreeze) that could take away that smell, but gladly I was wrong. IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!!! TMI: I have put some seriously smelly diapers in that Diaper Genie recently (as the ultimate test), left it for 24 hours and opened it up and … no smell.

Diaper Genie Carbon Filter Refill

What I love about the Playtex Carbon Filters:
– Made with safe, natural activated carbon that locks in odour molecules rather than just masking it with a fragrance
– Pack comes with 1 case and 4 carbon filters
– Easy to install: peel, stick, insert
– Sachets need to be replaced every 90 days or when they lose effectiveness

This is an absolute MUST if you have a Diaper Genie or if you are looking to buy one.

Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Pack Price: $5.99

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Bye bye odours

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