Introducing the NEW Playtex Diaper Genie Elite

What’s worse than a smelly diaper … a smelly garbage full of diapers!!!! You know what I am talking about … in that case you either didn’t register for a diaper garbage system pre-baby and therefore thought it would be an ok idea to use your regular garbage until someone bought it off your registry (bad idea) or you have opened someone else’s garbage and caught a waft (my stomach just turned thinking about that .. ew).

Of course you have heard of the Diaper Genie … well now there is a new Diaper Genie in town, the Diaper Genie Elite which has some new, great features (yes this stuff excites me even though I am semi close to my little one being out of diapers).

Diaper Genie Elite

What I love about the Diaper Genie Elite
– There are colour options now HOORAY!!! Grey, Blue and Pink
– Bigger step peddle (it’s the little things that make me happy)
– Has a carbon filter holder built right into the lid (and comes with one carbon filter), if your wondering this absorbs the odour therefore helping to eliminate it
– The front bin now opens for easy garbage removal (no more moving the pail from the wall)
– Easy assembly
– Built in cutter now under the top portion of the diaper pail (less bending is what that means)
– Uses the same refills as the older version so you don’t have to worry about wasting your old one’s (it also comes with 1 refill)
– Reasonably priced at $35.97 CAD
– Now available on  and offered with Prime for those Prime members

The Diaper Genie Elite

I bow down to The Diaper Genie Elite helping every room smell good one diaper at a time!
Curious to see what others think of it? Check out the reviews on


Holy *#$&% #MomTrust

Dirty Diapers Having an older sister has a lot of perks, one of which is that she is the first to have kids so I could see what parenting is REALLY like!!! I am not just talking about the cute snuggling, the little tears because of hunger etc. I am talking about the faucet vomiting, massive meltdowns and most importantly the rancid (and I stress rancid) diapers.

When my sister changed my nephews first few diapers, I actually thought to myself that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and felt confident I would be fine when I had a baby considering my sensitivity to bad smells … boy was I wrong. Needless to say there was quite a bit of gagging and breathe holding on my part.

Google’s definition of the word EXPLOSION: “a violent and destructive shattering … as is caused by a bomb” and it just so happens that the bomb was my son’s … well … you know!

No diaper could handle the kind of explosion my son had. Thank goodness I wasn’t alone that day, my husband happened to be working from home and the moment came when I went to change his diaper and HOLY #$(*&#$ (literally) it was all up his front side and then I took a look at his back side and I swear I felt like it was slow motion when I screamed CODEEEEE BROWNNNNN. In the moment, the two of us were hysterically laughing because we couldn’t figure out what to do next. The first question: how on earth are we going to get the onesie off without it getting near his face (TIP: roll up the onesie then pull it off – learned that from experience, but that wasn’t how we did it this time) well that ended in a complete disaster, need I say more! The next step, clean it off. My husband was holding the baby up (at arms length) while I used an entire pack of wipes to wipe him down and then the moment we were waiting for, yup he peed all over us (of course he had a look of “what did I do” on his face”) and then to the bath. Just re-telling that story, I truly feel exhausted!

I’m sure we all have funny stories, feel free to share yours!

Happy Diapering


Pampers Revamped

Pampers Line Up (1)

You spoke, Pampers listened!!! They have revamped their diapers to make the changes us moms have requested and it is definitely a change for the better.

To celebrate, the #PampersStork made stops at Walmart and at peoples homes dropping off a box of diapers and some other great Pampers goodies and I was one of them!!!!

What a fun experience. Being a new mom of two, I am exhausted (and I think “exhausted” is an understatement). With the knock at the door and two wonderful Pampers ladies’ (I called them the storks) coming in with the box of diapers, the goodies pack and swooning over my newborn, my spirits were automatically lifted, I couldn’t get the smile off my face (free diapers, wipes and detergent .. what could be better), so thank you Pampers.


That’s me in the middle (all smiles)

Here’s what the changes are:

– swaddlers now go up to size 5
– up to 12 hours of dryness and I have tested this out eliminating the middle of the night diaper change and so far .. no leaks
– wetness indicator on sizes 0-2

– ultra absorbency
– 3 layers instead of 2

better daytime dryness (more time playing, less time changing – have I mentioned that changing a moving baby SUCKS)

12 hours of overnite protection
– new graphics

they are now thicker
– soft grip texture

I will forever be a Pampers girl!!! Thanks for the wonderful memory #Pampers and listening to what us moms had to say