BabyBjorn had a Bouncer Baby … The BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini #Review – Enter to WIN!

BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini

Gone are the days of sitting at the table to eat a meal, taking a long hot shower and having a nice long chat with your husband without interruptions. I remember sitting on the couch with my (1st born) mini sleeping on me and my husband spoon feeding me my dinner so that I  didn’t move an muscle and wake my colicky baby … those little naps were few and far between and I wasn’t about to sacrifice them for a meal.

Having a colicky baby, constant movement was key! Trying out tons of products, there were only two that saved me: the BabyBjorn Carrier and a large fitness ball (which sucked to store in my little house might I add) which I sat on for hours bouncing to get my little one to stop crying. Now, combine the comfort of the carrier with the bouncing movement of the ball and voila, you have the BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini.

Here’s Why I Love the BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini
– NO BATTERIES!!! That’s right I meant to write that in caps
– The rocking is in response to the little one’s movements
– It’s small, so great for easy storage
– Easy to assemble, easy to take apart (again makes it great for storing)
– Offers two angels, play and rest
– It’s safe and secure
– Perfect for the newborns who always want to be held (up to 6 months)
– Machine washable (this is a must with any baby product)


Unassembled BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini (great for storage)

Thanks to our wonderful friends at BabyBjorn, they are giving away a BabyBjorn Bouncer Mini (which is not on the market yet) to one lucky winner … that’s a $159 value. Must be a resident of CANADA to enter. Here’s how:

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Enjoy some hands-free moments

Oball Obounce Activity Centre Review and Giveaway

Oball Obounce Activity Centre

I am sure many of you have heard of Oball and/or have at least one of their products in your house (or in my case MANY products of theirs).

For the new parents out there that are not YET familiar with the line, Oball has a fantastic line of toys for all ages: babies that are starting to grab and hold things, kids that have started walking and for older kids who engage in imaginative play and now I feel like they just  ruled the market with their new Oball Obounce Activity Centre. Talk about a awesome product!!!!

Oball Obounce Activity Centre

First let me start off by saying that it was extremely easy to put together. Trust me, I am the “handy” person in this house and I have put together my fair share of products and these things can be quite complicated. BIG BONUS!

– When I am in the market to buy something like this, I want it to be gender neutral, bright colours, lots of fun toys and it must have some electronic component with music or lights or both if I am going to be picky and this has ALL of the above
– A lot of people buy the traditional “activity centres” and then they go out and buy the jumpers even when there is not enough space in their houses, but of course we MUST have them both! Not anymore … this is a great all-in-one product. There is a raised, textured platform held up by thick elastics allowing those little one’s to bounce to their hearts content
– The toys on the bouncer are mostly replicas of those in the Oball line (mini versions) and are great for all the different stages (stacking, spinning, teething etc) .. so much to do so little time
– There is a spinning seat so that they can explore all areas of the activity centre
– Three position height (at least they won’t grow out of it so quickly)
– Removable seat pad for those messy days (apparently putting the baby in it right after eating isn’t such a great idea)
– Folds up for easy storage
– Toys can easily be removed to play with outside of the bouncer

Clearly you can see how much I love the Oball Obounce Activity Centre and I highly HIGHLY recommend it for those in the market or those who are looking to buy a gift.

Thanks to our amazing friends at Kids II, they are generously giving away an Oball Obounce Activity Centre to one of my VERY lucky readers!!!! This contest is open to Canadian and US residents. Here’s how to enter: 

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Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $120

Happy baby = happy mama

Disclaimer: I received the product at no charge, but that the opinions and views in my blog post are my own.