The Next “Epic” Kids Tablet #LeapFrog

LeapFrog Epic defines the word Epic as “spectacular; very impressive; awesome” which perfectly describes why the new LeapFrog tablet is called the LeapFrog Epic.

So here’s how it all went down! I brought the LeapFrog Epic tablet home, I showed it to my oldest son to get him all excited about it and then realized I had to set it up (which didn’t take long) and charge it. So then this happened before bed …

LeapFrog Epic

After it charged, I spent the night navigating the LeapFrog Epic for myself and I have to say, I had a lot of fun with it. I found this great app that was pre-loaded onto it where you take a selfie with the tablet and then insert your face where the animals face is supposed to be (by the way, my little guy stumbled upon this picture the next day when he was playing with it and the laugh that came out of him was truly “epic”) making for one funny pic.

LeapFrog Epic

Even though the tablet is recommended for ages 3-9, for some reason I really didn’t think my oldest would be so into it … well was I wrong! The next morning after a full night of charging, the fighting over the tablet was CRAZY!!!! Both boys wanted to play with it so what was the best solution for them so I could stop playing referee? Play together boys or mama makes the tablet magically disappear and poof just like that, this happened …

LeapFrog Epic

Each of my little men have had solo turns playing with the LeapFrog Epic and with my younger one, he might be slightly too young for it (he’s 2), but he chooses the app he wants to play with from the main page and he just touches images and he is either navigated by a verbal prompt to do something else or he gets a response from what he has touched and then tries to touch more things (not bad for a 2 year old). My older son on the other hand navigated through it like had been using it for years.

LeapFrog Epic

What I love about the LeapFrog Epic:
There is a removable bumper (so far we have dropped the tablet about half a dozen times and it is still in 1 piece) though I am told that the tablet is very durable without it
-You can scale it up or down for difficulty or ease
-You have up to 3 accounts per tablet (I have set up an account for each of my kids) so it makes the kids feel like it’s their own
-20 apps are pre-installed
-It grows with the child
-No in app advertisements and no in app purchases (one of my favourite features)
-It doesn’t only test children it teaches children
– Can download over 1000 apps
– Parental Controls
– With parental controls, we can control the time they are playing (you can put on a timer)
– Can take pictures
– Expandable memory
– Under the parental controls you can search the internet
– Great apps to buy like Umizoomi, Paw Patrol, Doc McStuffins, Finding Nemo and other great names
– Real time weather
– Daily game with surprises
– 7″ tablet (has a great big screen)
– A virtual world that kids can create by adding characters, watch the night fall
– Android powered tablet (which means it has the latest technology)

I’m so overwhelmed by the amount of amazing features the LeapFrog Epic Tablet has and I would HIGHLY recommend this product for your kids, you (and the kids) won’t be disappointed. Add it to your holiday shopping list.

Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $169.99
Happy Holidays

Christmas Gift Alert!!! The LeapReader by LeapFrog

Leap Frog LeapReader

Oh LeapFrog how I love thee!! I love toys, but these days I am really looking for products that are educational. I find with all LeapFrog products, they are there to assist in learning starting from Scout the dog to LeapReaders to the ever so amazing LeapPads (the Ultra is on my “must have” list).

I was given the LeapReader to test out and even though my son is only 3 and the recommended age is 4-8, I honestly learned of new abilities he had. There was a sampler learning paper writing sheet (it had letters and numbers to trace) included and he immediately took the LeapReader pen and started “loosely” tracing the letters. I obviously freaked out (in a good way) asking him where he learned to do that and he told me that they were doing that at school and so what did I do … I went out and bought more tracing books for the LeapReader!!!


Because we already have and use the LeapReader Junior, he knew that if you drag the pen over the words in the book that the pen would read the words for him. This is slightly to advanced as he had a hard time dragging the pen over the words as you need to basically need to go over the words in a straightly line whereas Scout is bigger and you just put the whole body over a word and it reads it, but I helped him by doing hand over hand and he really seemed to like the idea of it!

I think this is a great tool for older kids who are learning math and to read and write as it helps sound out words, builds vocabulary and improves listening skills. There are tons of fun books with some of your favourite characters (Sully, Nemo and Ariel to name a few) and I found bundle packs at Toys R Us the other day.

Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $59.99

Are you a fan of the LeapReader? We would love to hear what you have to say

Happy learning and Happy holidays

The Holiday “Wish” List

I am not entirely sure if this is my wish list or Frankie’s wish list, either way it ends up in his hands 😉 So here it is in no particular order:

1. Vtech Cogsley


Kids best friend!!!! The learning robot with a million things to play with on him. From what I read, he has a fun personality, fun dance moves and is quite witty (I will be the judge of that)! He has an LCD screen that images appear on, he helps you learn body parts by asking you to “turn his ear”, “touch his nose” etc.
Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: I bought it for $45, online you can buy it for $35  (damn)

2. Discovery Kids Build-and-Play Construction Fort

discovery tent

I really wanted to buy another product like this and lucky for me my friend bought it first and told me she hated it, that it was the hardest thing to put together because the parts were so small. The upsetting part was that I knew how much Frankie would have loved it because he likes us to build forts out of our pillows. I stumbled upon this one and saw that the pieces were larger and I thought I would give it a try – let’s see what happens
Where to Buy: Loblaws Supercentre or Sears
Price: $30

3. Magneatos


Frankie loves magnets so much that he tries to play with the magnet that opens the kiddie locks on all the drawers which is on the side of my fridge. So, naturally I bought it! Make shapes, build towers, build just about anything – I already love this!
Where to Buy: Scholar’s Choice
Price: $70 (not cheap but I have heard wonderful things about this)

4. Wedgits  


If you have a little builder in the house, then this is a neat product for them to try. 5 different shapes easily wedge together to make hundreds of designs. From what I understand, there is no wrong way to stack these
Where to Buy: Scholar’s Choice
Price: $36.99

5. Elefun


 Instead of toys all the time, I decided to take a walk down the games isle and see if there were games for two year old’s and although there weren’t many, I saw this one and thought it looked like a ton of fun for the little one’s. The elephant spurts little butterflies out of his long nose and you have to catch them with the net. Now it would be more about catching them and when they are older they can count the butterflies to see who wins
Where to Buy: Indigo
Price: $25.00

6. Smart Snacks Count ‘Em Up Popcorn

Smart Snacks Count 'Em Popcorn


We are at the stage where Frankie counts everything … steps, trains, animals, marvel characters .. EVERYTHING, though I am not sure he really gets it. I saw this product and thought it would be great for teaching him to identify the numbers while stacking (another favorite in our household)
Where to Buy: Scholar’s Choice
Price: $19.99


Disclosure: I was NOT paid nor given any personal perks to review these products – these are products I have found that I thought would be great