If You Don’t Know … Now You Know!


Well I am going to start this blog post off with a big YOU’RE WELCOME! Why? Because after this post you will be thanking me for introducing you to this product that I promise will make your life SOOO much easier.

Growing up I wasn’t exactly a girly girl! I loved to play sports, I hated the colour pink, frills and bows or anything froufrou for that matter (all of which my older sister loved) and over the years I didn’t really let go of my Tom boy roots, but embraced it just with a twist. Sure, when I needed to clean up for an event and wear a dress with heels I would, but my day to day life was (and still very much is) very casual.

It’s no secret that I love shoes! Clearly I am not talking about all those pretty high heeled, seriously uncomfortable shoes because to no surprise I legitimately despise wearing them, but sneakers … I have a serious soft spot for sneakers!! Having my two boys really let me embrace my boy sneaker envy and well now they both have a pretty awesome collection of retro Jordan’s.

Here is the problem: as your children get older and you are searching for shoes for them, you will find that they offer less and less shoes with Velcro and elastics and they are all lace up (Jordan’s especially). The solution … Laceez!! The minute I saw this product I had to have them. I had the opportunity to test out a few pairs and within 15 minutes I was online ordering 8 more pairs in all sorts of fun colours and sizes.


What I love about Laceez
– they make every parents life easier just by changing their regular laced shoes into slip on shoes
– you can change up the look of the shoe by changing the laceez colour
– they are so easy to lace up
– a friend of mine got the wrong size once and she said their customer service was amazing with helping her
comes in a few different sizes XS-XL (there is a guide of which size you should order in comparison to shoe size)
– they ship to Canada (if you order 3 or more they will discount the shipping)
– the tips of the laces easily lock them into place
– they have lots of fun bright colours (i’m hoping they will come out with some cute prints like gingham in different colours etc)

As if I don’t love them enough already, they are kindly giving away a set of 3 pairs of laces to 1 lucky winner!!! The contest is open to Canadian and US readers. Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For more information on Laceez or to order them, click here
*i went up a size for both my kids shoes

Happy Shopping

Netlifx Helps with Bedtime


How many parents out there struggle with getting your kids into their bed for bedtime and then to actually stay in their room to fall asleep? A few years ago, bedtime was easy: hugs, kisses night night. In the last year, the stall tactics have taken over our bedtime routine: “this is old water, I need new water”, “I think I have to poo”, “can you read me just one more book”, “i’m scared of the dark”, “i’m scared I am going to have a nightmare”, “you only gave me a kiss, no hug (even though I did give him a hug)”, “I need another kiss and hug” and of course the old time favourite “just five more minutes … please! I promise I will go straight to bed”.

So now your wondering how can television possibly help me with this bedtime struggle? Well, when your little one say’s “just 5 more minutes” let them have their 5 minutes and turn on the all new, hit show Diontrux Favorites which is an entire episode jam packed into 5 minutes!!! It’s really a win, win: they feel satisfied because they feel like they got their way, and you get an easier bedtime WOOT WOOT.

Dinotrux Favorites with Netflix

What excuse does your little one use to stall at bedtime?

I can’t wait to try this one out



It’s a Hasbro Kind of Holiday


As much as I dislike winter, I absolutely love the holidays! The decorations, the music, the family gatherings and of course for me, shopping for presents for my kids. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the huge smile on their faces when they open their gifts to find the newest, coolest toy. Now the problem is, which one’s to buy???

I had a chance to preview (and test) some of Hasbro’s newest toys (all ages) for the Holidays and I have to tell you, they were pretty amazing.

Here are my top picks for the Holiday’s

1. Furreal Friends – J.J the Jumpin Pug
By far, this toy is at the top of my list of “must-have” toys. I cant begin to tell you how much I love it, never mind my kids!! I originally brought it home for my younger son because he loves dogs, but as it turns out, my older son is playing with him just as much as my younger son! Wave your hand at him and he jumps up on his hind legs, barks and pants. If you want to calm him down, pet his hand and he sits back down. I have to tell you this toy pup has taken quite a beating as he has been thrown around and shockingly is still working perfectly (which is when I realized this is the closest we are going to get to a dog EVER). MSRP $49.99
*other toys in this category: Happy to see me Pets, Pets with Style, Lil’ Big Paws, Luvimals, Starlily my Magical Unicorn, Get up and Gogo My Walking Pup, Pom Pom My Baby Panda, Daisy Plays with me Kitty, Butterscotch My Walkin’ Pony

JJ Furreal Friend

2. Connect 4
What’s old is new again!! Who knew that something so simple could derive so much pleasure. I got this game for my older son as he is now at the stage where he wants to play games and we played it over and over and over. What I realized is that even though this is for older kids, the little guys can play with it too as it is great for dexterity getting the small chips into the slots. It kept my youngest son busy for at least 30 minutes emptying out the slots and filling them back up (comes in a mini travel version too). MSRP: $10.00
*other toys in this category: Monopoly Jr Frozen, Candy Land Disney Princess Edition, The Game of Life Junior, Monopoly Avengers Edition, The Game of Life Minions Edition, Trouble Minions Edition, Operation Minions Edition, Guess Who Extra Game, Scrabble Junior Game, 

Connect 4

3. Playskool Pop-Up Shape Sorter
With my first born (who was colicky might I add), I had a toy stuffed into my diaper bag or in my purse at any given time anticipating the massive meltdown while I was out. Who’s purse and diaper bag has the room for a big bulky toy??!!! Playskool has introduced a new line of toys which are great for moms who are always on-the-go. This adorable shape sorting kitty comes flat which is great for storage purposes and then pop it up to create a fun sorting game. Play – Stow – Go! MSRP $16.99
*other toys in this category: Stack ‘N Stow Cups, Roll ‘N Gears Car Toy, Wobble ‘N Go Friends, Pop-Up Rollin’ Ramp Toy, Dressy Kids Assortment, Fold ‘N Go Elephant Toy,

Playskool Pop-Up Shape Sorter

Playskook Pop up Shape sorter

4. Twister Moves Hip Hop Spots Game
What a fun game!!!! My kids (and I) had a blast playing even though we realized how terribly uncoordinated we are 🙂 The game is rated for 8+ years but my 5 year old loved it and wasn’t too bad at it either. My 2 year old on the other hand … well let him have a turn because he giggled his way through his turn and made us all laugh. Play solo or with a friend and move to the beat by matching your feet to the flashing colours. Note to self: buy batteries for it! MSRP: $29.99
*other toys in this category: Twister Moves Hoop, Twister Moves Skip-It Game, Twister Moves Tracker

Twister Moves

5. Star Wars BladeBuilder Jedi Master Lightsaber
These toys are getting bigger and better than ever! When I saw this new Jedi Master Lightsaber, I thought I was in lightsaber heaven (I am a true kid at heart). Configure any way you want, make a new lightsaber every day with over 100 combinations. I didn’t have the kids test this one because the thought of having one of these in my house with two very rambunctious kids who like to constantly mount each other and play fight, sounds like … well you get it. MSRP: $49.99

Star Wars Jedi Master Lightsaber

6. Play All Day Elmo
The ultimate of all the Elmo’s on the market … bigger, smarter and funnier! If you are wondering what does he do, the question should be what doesn’t he do!!!! Unlike the rest of the Elmo’s, this Elmo grows with your child having stages of play (toddler and pre-school). Flip him upside down and he will tell you he is upside down, play pat-a-cake with him, put your face close to his and he will kiss you. Squeeze his nose and he plays games like red light, green light (guess what, he knows if your moving or not with his excelerometer) and Elmo says. He will engage with your child by asking what your little one’s favourite part of the day was. Put him into nap mode and he will play a lullaby and his voice will get softer and softer. He truly will be your little one’s best friend!!! MSRP: $79.99
*other toys in this category: Bath Time Elmo Plush, Sesame Street on the Go Friends, Elmo’s on the go Letters

Play All Day Elmo

Now the fun part … buying them, wrapping them and then passing them on to the kids.
Happy holidays to all (well almost)

Get Cozy with Netflix – #StreamTeam


Officially I can say it feels like Fall! The temperatures have drastically dropped, you have retired your summer wardrobe and brought out all your favourite fleece slippers and most importantly, your cozy sweatpants.

Truly, what is better than getting home from work (or a full day’s worth of errands in some cases), slipping on those comfy sweats (or pj’s in my case) and a big, baggy sweatshirt, popping fresh popcorn with some sprinkled chocolates in it (to satisfy the sweet and salty of course) and sitting down on the couch with your kids to watch a movie or favourite television show. Ok so let’s be real, in my house it doesn’t quite go down like that since I have two very rambunctious boys who don’t sit for a mere second (well at least until 7:00pm), but when they do settle down and want to want to watch television, I truly thank G-d for Netflix. There is always one (or six or seven) shows on there that they both want to watch and then there is peace and quiet that comes over the room … ahhhhh SUCCESS!!!

New on Netflix 

Netflix September Shows

1. Lilo & Stitch
2. Nanny McPhee Returns
3. The Muppets
4. Shark Tale
5. Meet the Robinsons
6. Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb
7. Freaky Friday
8. Homeward Bound
9. The Princess and the Frog
10. The Lizzie McGuire movie
11. The Aristocats
12. The Rescuers

Oh and don’t forget about yourself, the kids bedtime means it’s your time to kick your feet up and get your Netflix on … I sure did!



Are you going to see Disney Pixar Inside Out?

Inside Out

I have always been a huge fan of animated movies, but Inside Out could be just the cutest! I mean, what a great concept for a movie. It enlightens kids about all the different emotions they feel in a dramatic yet funny way. I’m definitely not a movie critic, but I had high expectations going in to see the pre-screening and walked out very pleased (and so did my big guy), in fact he now explains how is feeling based on the characters he saw (anger, fear, sadness, disgust and joy).

The one thing I do have to say, is that it is a very hard concept for the little one’s to understand. After explaining to my mini me that these emotions are not in your “stomach” (his words), that they are in your head, he seemed to get it, but that didn’t seem to bother him because he laughed out loud and well so did the rest of the audience (comprised of mostly adults).

In a very creative way, the different emotions inside Riley’s head (anger, fear, sadness, disgust and joy) all work together at Headquarters to help guide her through the up’s and down’s of her life. While Riley is trying to adjust to a family up route to San Francisco, turmoil begins at Headquarters and Sadness and Joy get separated from the group leaving Fear, Disgust and Anger in charge. Trying to find their way back, they watch as Riley’s favourite memories start to disappear and run into a few of her favourite old memories who help them through the maze of her mind seeing unfamiliar places like Long Term Memory, Imagination Land, Abstract Thought and Dream Productions to get back to turn things around (make sure to bring some tissues because there are some parts that are a real tear jerker).

In theatres NOW!

Inside Out

Enjoy making new memories with your little one




Playtex Has New Friends

It wasn’t long ago that I reviewed the Playtex Anytime Straw Twist N’ Click Sippy Cup and since then it has been the only sippy cup that I use as it NEVER (yes NEVER) leaks!!!

What could possibly make this sippy cup better? Let me introduce you to the new Playtex® PlayTime™ cups with some of your little one’s favourite friends like Thomas the Train, My Little Pony and DC Superheros like Batman/Robin and Superman (Superman is exclusively sold at Walmart). Timing worked out well for me because my little guy is OBSESSED with all things Batman so much so, that we actually had to hide my other son’s Batman cup because the little guy would cry wanting that cup.

Playtex Anytime Sippy Cup

What I love about the Playtex Anytime Licensed Sippy Cups?
– First and foremost, I love the Twist N’ Click technology, NO LEAKS!
– Lid options include Spout Lid and Straw Lid
-You will hear a click when the lid is shut properly
– The amazing licensed designs; there is something for everyone
– The cups are break-proof (thank you to my little man we have put this theory to the test)
– Double wall so it keeps the cold drinks colder for longer and no sweating leaving nasty rings everywhere they put the cup down
– Very reasonably priced at $7.99

Playtex Anytime Sippy Cup

My little man lovin’ his new cup!

Where to Buy: Toys R Us

 Good times

Oh the Lies! #StreamTeam


Put your hand up if you lie? If for even one second you thought about not raising your hand, your lying! We all do it … period … the end!

I feel bad telling my little one itty bitty lies, but come on, it must be done! Yes honey the park has a bed time too, one day when your tooth falls out a tooth fairy will come, the DVD player magically turns off … to name a few

I kept telling my husband over and over that our big guy never lied … until the day he lied and well it hasn’t changed since. At first I thought it was cute and now it is just innate (odd how quickly they pick it up). We tried teaching him about Pinnochio and his ever growing nose when he lies, but we couldn’t find the movie to help him better understand (my kid is better with visuals).

If you are going through this now, do not fret as Netflix has a bunch of great titles for all age groups that will teach your little one about lying (and there are even one’s for adults, because sometimes we need a lesson too).

Little Kids:


 1. Super Why! S1, E15: Humpty Dumpty and Other Fairytale Adventures: Pinnochio
2. Curious George: S1, E19 Truth about George Burger
3. Clifford the Big Red Dog: S1, E26 The Kibble Crook
4. The Adventures of Chuck and Friends: S1, E9 The Pothole/ Chuck’s Perfect Plans

Big Kids:


1. Monster High: Frights, Camera, Action
2. H20: Just Add Water
3. Mean Girls
4. iCarly: S1, E12 iPromise Not to Tell

The Biggest Kids of them All (Shows for us):


1. Bloodline
2. Just Go With It
3. Liar, Liar (the old time classic)
4. Pretty Little Liars (my next series that I am going to watch)

Science Madness with Netflix #StreamTeam


All of a sudden out of nowhere my 4 year old became interested in Science!! What happens when you mix oil and water; what happens when you mix water, red food colouring and blue food colouring and the list goes on. It’s fun to find things around the house to create Science experiments out of, though I am running low on ideas these days.

When I told my son that Netflix was has shows about Science, he got all excited and wanted me to show him some. For those of you who want to get your children Science-inspired check out these new interesting titles.

Little Kids

Science-inspired Netflix titles


1. The Magic School Bus Gains Weight
2. Fetch! with Ruff
3. Animal Mechanicals, Balloon Volcano Island (Go Go MechanaStretch – we are a fan of this show)
4. Sid the Science Kid

Bid Kids

Netflix Science Titles

1. Nova: Hunting the Elements
2. Cosmos
3. Deadliest Volcanos: Nova
4. Let Your Mind Wonder

Looking for something fun to do with your kids to get them excited about Science while watching one of these great shows? Make your own volcano using staple ingredients in your house. Click here to learn how to create it.

The world is your child’s oyster

Light it Up with KinderGlo Night Light – Enter to WIN!

KinderGlo Night Light

Who knew finding a night light would be so difficult!!! So difficult in fact, that I am on my 4th night light for my older son.

Sure, you can get the cheapie one’s that plug into the wall (nope I have not bought one of those), but when your little one needs to get up in the middle of the night to pee and has to open his door to a dark hallway (which they see as “spooky”), take a step out of their “safe zone” to get to that bathroom, is scared shitless and therefore calling your name on the top of their lungs waking everyone up in the house, you will be WISHING you had one of these night lights!

Now I won’t be mean and tell you the brands of my previous night lights, but what I will tell you is that they were all awful which is why I went scouring the internet for a new light and stumbled across KinderGlo which immediately got my attention.

Why were they so awful? Well one I spent over $50 on and within two months the bulb burnt out and my luck they aren’t replaceable so there goes money down the toilet (you would think I left it on all day and all night 7 days a week – not the case). The second one I bought was more reasonably priced (over $30 + tax), but honest to g-d I could not and still can not figure this thing out even after reading the terrible directions which took me half an hour to figure out. Sometimes it would randomly shut off in the middle of the night, it never stays charged and my son basically hates it. The last one I bought, was similar to the first one that I liked at the beginning, I was surprised it was cheaper when I went to buy it (silly me I thought they figured out that “most” people won’t spend that on a night light unless they are desperate like me) and then I got home and sure enough it was battery operated. You would be sick how many batteries I went through in the last few weeks using that thing.

What I love about KinderGlo?
– I love all the cute night light designs, it was hard to choose but I am very happy with my choice (the dragon)
– The product feels like it is of the highest quality, both the base and the night light do not feel light and cheap (as was the case with one of the others I tried)
– The night light has multi-colour which continually goes through the colours all night
– Also your little one can choose one colour and leave it on that all night, my son loves picking a colour every night
– Has a timer option which will turn the night light off after half an hour
– Has an option to leave the night light on all night
– Rechargeable

-Lastly 8-10 hours when fully charged
– Automatically powers on if knocked off the base or power outage
– The user guide is VERY easy to follow
– Portable for those midnight trips to the bathroom
– It never gets hot
– Gives off just the right amount of light (not too bright and not too dull)

Where to Buy:
You can purchase direct from the KinderGlo website and receive 20% off using the code BABYLISH on checkout OR you can purchase on amazon.ca (but no discount)
Price: $24.95

Thanks to our friends at KinderGlo, they are giving away one night light (winners choice) to one lucky reader. The comest is open to residents of Canada and the US. It’s easy to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Sleep tight

What’s Coming up for Disney Junior, Disney XD and Family Channel?

Disney Jr Lineup

We all know that with the new year, comes new TV shows and premier’s for the old shows we love and Family, Disney Jr and Disney XD have a great 2015 lineup for your little one’s!!! Here’s what is coming up … I promise you, there is something for everyone:

What’s New on Family?
1. Jessie (Disney Channel Original Series) Season 4 Premiere: January 9 at 7 p.m.

Jessie travels to Africa to retrieve the Ross kids and comes face-to-face with Brooks and his new fiancée.

2. Austin & Ally (Disney Channel Original Series) Season 4 Premiere: January 21 at 6:30 p.m.
Also returning for its fourth season this month is the music-filled series Austin & Ally. The comedy follows the improbable partnership between Austin (Ross Lynch), a nationwide musical sensation, and Ally (Laura Marano), a multi-talented singer and songwriter, and their two best friends, Trish (Raini Rodriguez) and Dez (Calum Worthy). After an emotional season finale that left the gang’s future unclear, the four friends reunite at Ally’s homecoming concert. But, when Austin realizes that the reunion is only temporary he contemplates enrolling in military school.

3. K.C. Undercover (Disney Channel Original Series) Series Premiere: January 23 at 7:40 p.m.
The live-action comedy follows K.C. Cooper, a high school math whiz and martial arts expert, who discovers her parents are spies when they enlist her to join The Organization. Now, K.C. must learn to balance life as an everyday teenager while training to be a super spy.

4. Star Vs. The Forces of Evil Sneak Peek: January 23 at 8 p.m.
Immediately following the K.C. Undercover premiere viewers will be given a sneak peek at the upcoming animated Disney XD series Star Vs. The Forces of Evil, an animated comedy introducing a fiercely awesome teen princess from another dimension. In the first-look “Star Comes to Earth,” Star (voiced by Eden Sher, The Middle) celebrates her 14th birthday and receives “the royal magic wand” as dictated by tradition. Worried that she is not ready for the responsibility, Star’s parents send her to Earth in an attempt to keep her safe. 

5. Girl Meets World (Disney Channel Original Series) New Episode Guest Starring Rider Strong as Shawn Hunter:  January 30 at 7 p.m.
Maya is celebrating her 14th birthday with Riley and the Matthews but is struggling with the fact that her mom probably won’t be able to join them. Meanwhile, Corey and Riley devise a plan to setup Maya’s mom with Shawn when he pays a visit.

Coming to Family in February:
I Didn’t Do It (Disney Channel Original Series) Season Two Premiere
Liv and Maddie (Disney Channel Original Series) Hosted Marathon
Radio Disney Family Birthday
Night of Premieres

What’s New on Disney Jr?
1. Lalaloopsy Ponies: The Big Show – January 17 at 6 p.m.
Set in Lalaloopsy Land, the magical movie introduces a whole new group of friends as the Lalaloopsy girls discover their new pen pals are talking ponies. In preparation for the big night, Disney Junior hosts Lalaloopsy Week where fan-favourite episodes air daily at 6 p.m. from Monday, January 12 to Friday, January 16.

2. On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! – January 25 beginning at 9 a.m.
Disney Junior races to the finish line with a morning full of obstacle courses, rallies and fun. The festivities begin with a special one-hour episode of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse followed by an all-new Henry Hugglemonster where Henry competes in athletic events with his scout troop. The magnificent marathon also includes race-themed episodes of Jake and the Never Land Pirates and Sheriff Callie’s Wild West.

3. One Very Special Week: January 26 to January 30 beginning at 5 p.m.
Back-to-back, one-hour episodes from the network’s top series airing every weekday. Among the loveable lineup includes the Sofia The First special “The Curse of Princess Ivy,” Mickey Mouse Clubhouse’s holiday episode “Minnie’s Winter Bow Show” and Jake and the Never Land Pirates’ musical special “Jake’s Never Land Rescue.”

What’s New on Disney XD?
1. Mighty Med (Disney XD Original Series) Marathon and One-Hour Special: January 11 beginning at 5:30 p.m.
The action begins with three back-to-back episodes leading into an explosive one-hour special at 7 p.m. titled “Do You Want to Build A Lava- Man?” In the extended episode, Kaz and Oliver travel to Caldera in search of the Hapax, the only hero with the ability to drain the Annihilator of his powers. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Optimo pretends he’s visiting the hospital about a ‘rash’ but Horace discovers it is much more serious than Optimo thinks.

2. Super Charged Sunday: January 18 starting at 7 p.m.
The night begins with a new Kirby Buckets titled “Killer Puppies,” where Kirby fakes an illness to avoid a cooking project. But when the school nurse takes his over-the-top symptoms seriously, everyone begins to shower Kirby with sympathy and gifts, leaving him worried that his secret will be exposed. The not-to-be- missed lineup also features brand new episodes of Mighty Med and Star Wars Rebels.

3. Animated Super Charged Sunday: January 25 beginning at 7 p.m.
Disney XD’s Super Charged Sunday lineup is overtaken by an animation domination! Episodes of Phineas and Ferb, Pac Man and the Ghostly Adventures and a brand new Star Wars Rebelswhere the Ghost crew plots to save an exiled dignitary from the Imperial Army, make the network fans’ ultimate Sunday destination.

Coming to Disney XD in February
Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero (Disney XD Original Series) Series Premiere
Fantastic Four (Feature Film) Network Premiere
Cars 2 (Feature Film) Network Premiere
Gaming Show (In My Parents’ Garage) (Disney XD Canada Original Series) New Episodes Return

So there you have it, time for you to get your kids excited for their 2015 shows
Happy viewing