Tiny Love Dual Motion Developmental Mobile

Tiny Love

It’s common practice that after you find out you are pregnant you register … easy right? WRONG! It’s overwhelming enough sharing your body with this little creature and not knowing what is going on in there, not to mention figuring out what you have to buy for him/her and which are the trusted brands. Sure, it would be easy if there was only one brand for every product, but clearly that is not the case.

Tiny Love is just one of those brands you just know, whether it be a friend who has one of their products in their house, a blogger you follow loves the brand or your older sibling has passed along their hand-me-down.

With my first born, I was super anxious about the transition from bassinet to crib as I didn’t want him to feel alone and neglected (I know you moms understand), so when he was about 3 months I started putting him in his crib for a short period of time daily, turned on his Tiny Love mobile and just let him watch in amazement. He would just lie there kicking his legs and wouldn’t take his eyes off the mobile watching it go around and around listing to soft music (I remember at one point it almost put me to sleep it was so calming). I continued this for a month and when it was time for the big transition, I actually felt at peace with my decision knowing that he was comfortable there and that he had his mobile to keep him company.

The newest Tiny Love mobile to hit the market is the Tiny Love Dual Motion Developmental Mobile and it’s amazing (kind of makes me want another baby … for a minute).

Tiny Love Dual Motion Developmental Mobile

What I Love about the Tiny Love Developmental Mobile
– It’s Tiny Love what’s not to love
– The first mobile to have a hide-and-seek function where the animals disappear (well to them they disappear) and as the mobile turns it magically appears again
– Has cute little animal characters
– Was soooo easy to put together
– 15 different melodies
– 40 minutes of music
– Music includes: nature, lullaby, white sound and reggae (I love living in the 21st century)
– Just when you think the baby is done with the mobile, take it off the crib remove the arm and put it on the floor for your little one to play piano with
– Has a soothing moon and star nightlight
– Volume buttons

Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $79.99

Sweet Dreams



Bouncers are not Just for Babies, but for Parents too!

Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Dots and Hunny Pots Bouncer

Yup, that’s right … bouncers are not just for babies, but they are for us, the parents too!

There are so many products to have at home when the baby arrives, a swing is one of them and the other is a bouncer. At the beginning, you just want to hold your little one and savour the sweet moments, but as the weeks fly by and nothing is getting done around the house, you quickly realize that the baby needs to be put down (and mama needs a break) but where? You don’t necessarily want to put them on the floor, the couch is a big NO NO and the crib is upstairs and seems so far away so in comes the bouncer and that’s why these bouncers are not just for babies, they come in handy for us parents.

I had an opportunity to review Comfort & Harmony’s Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Dots and Hunny Pots Bouncer, but I was unable to try it out because my little guy is just too active and doesn’t want to sit for a second these days, so I passed it along to a few product testers and had them review it, so here are other mom’s reviews on the product. There are quite a few and they are all honest opinions and some cute pictures of their little one’s!

Here’s what Elizabeth M had to say about it:
I was a bit skeptical to use this type of bouncer since usually I only purchase items that can grow with the baby but after using it for my little one I realized that sometimes age specific products are way better. First off putting together the bouncer was relatively simple, the instructions were clear and it didn’t require any extra tools besides a screwdriver for the battery part; on a side note I hate when products don’t come with the batteries included which I wish this one did since once I put it together and realized that I didn’t have the type of batteries I knew that my baby would have to start using it without its full potential and unfortunately because of lack of free time I wasn’t able to get batteries for at least a week  and a half after he was already using it; anyways once I put it together which took maybe under 15 minutes I put my son in it right away and I was thrilled to see he took to it immediately. He seemed quite comfortable and content and that was my go to spot to put him going forward he actually even falls asleep in it often so it would be helpful if it could have setttings to raise it or lower it since infants should be sleeping as flat as possible. The bouncer is extremely light weight so it was easy to move around the house so my baby was able to watch me cook, clean and get ready in the mornings no problem while being kept busy by the adorable toys in front and the vibrations with music plus it was extremely easy to rock it when he began screaming for attention, my other slight complaint would be that the bar holding the toys comes off way to easily when pulled and that the little toy “Tigger” is facing outward when he should be facing inward towards the actual baby.  Unfortunately accidents do happen and we had a “number 2” out of diaper explosion while he was on the seat and I was so happy to find that taking everything apart to wash was super simple and putting back on once clean was simple as well.

All in all I would definitely recommend this bouncer to any new mom and am very thankful to have been able to try it with my baby

Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer

Here’s what Aleasha C. had to say about it:
So over the Easter break I was given the opportunity to have my daughter try out the new Disney Baby Winnie the Pooh Dots and Hunny Pots Bouncer. Now being a mother to a 3.5 year old boy and 8 month old girl I have seen many products come out that have changed so much over the years. Even the short number of years between my kids I have found it difficult to keep up with all the new things. So when I was given the opportunity to have my little one try out the new Disney bouncer by Comfort & Harmony I couldn’t pass it up.

So the bouncer doesn’t come pre assembled, but does come in a nice slim and relatively small box, set up is very easy and if instructions are needed it comes with easy to follow instructions. Once I had it set up my daughter wanted at it right away. One thing you will notice with this bouncer is the elevated seat. Most bouncers I have seen including the one we all ready had was that it had a basic frame and the seat just hovered off the ground with an incline. Now with this seat, the frame makes it completely off the ground and sits up a little higher than most. The frame has multiple non slip grips on it so there is no chance of the bouncer sliding around when the child is in it just bouncing away, but because of the height of the seat I will say that like they advise you will want to watch your child while in it. Also I would not recommend the seat for babies older than the recommended age due to this, they could possibly lean over the side and tip the seat. I did not experience this with my baby, but it would be a concern of mine if I had to step out of the room and my baby was trying to get out of it. 
Now once you have it set up you will see all the great little features this seat has! One of the nice features this has is the toy bar is easily attached an removed with one hand. The toys on it are your basic teething toys, but that didn’t matter to my daughter she absolutely loved them. The seat also comes with a removable headrest for newborns, which is a great feature so it helps support their head. My daughter was too big to use it, but having the option for it was nice. There of course was the melodies and vibrations attachment that went with the seat that are always nice to have for the baby. I found with both my kids the vibration option on any seat was a sure way to get them to fall asleep. Also the fabric/pattern choice is very gender neautral and what you would expect it to look like with Winnie the Pooh and friends. 
All and all this was a great seat and something I would be happy to share with my friends. 
Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer
Here’s what Chana P. has to say about it:
I found it to be a good bouncer, when the vibrate is on my baby who likes being held is happy in it.  It was quite easy to assemble – though the instructions didn’t illustrate the parts 100% accurately.  The material seems to be durable and easy to clean,  The music is very pleasant though I find it doesn’t run for very long, so you need to restart it.  The toys are very cute however a couple of them are hung facing our not towards the baby.  I would recommend this product to anyone looking for a bouncer
Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer
Here’s what Bonnie K. has to say about it:
Great bouncer! It was very easy and quick to assemble. The vibrate function is great and my baby really enjoyed this. The upright positioning is great as well as my baby likes to sit up. The music is nice to listen to but is too short and you need to keep re-starting it. The toys on the arch for the baby are cute but a few of them are facing the wrong way.
Comfort & Harmony's Disney Baby Winnie The Pooh Dots & Hunny Pots Bouncer
Here’s what Angie has to say:
I have enjoyed using it this week with my daughter.  We never had one and now I wish I did sooner and with my first! 
The seat came in a few pieces but was quick and easy to assemble.  I found the instructions a little confusing and managed to figure it out on my own without them.  My toddler helped me put it together.  As this is the first bouncer I have owned, I don’t know how it compares to others on the market. I like the colors and the Winnie the Pooh design – it is gender neutral and nice to look at.  The material is nice and soft for the baby.  The toy bar has 3 toys but they should hang down lower.  Once a baby has reached the age where they can sit up to reach them they have outgrown the seat.  I wouldn’t recommend using it much past 6 months because when they learn to sit up they can lean forward and their momentum can easily tip it.  The tool bar is a bit flimsy – it doesn’t stay locked in a position which would be a nice feature.  The music is nice and the vibrate option is a nice feature.   
So there you have it, real moms with real reviews!!!
Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $50.00
Now time to relax

Is Your Little One Canada’s Luckiest Baby? Win up to $50,000 in Prizes!

Canada's Luckiest Baby

We all think our baby is the cutest baby in the world (obviously), but is your baby the luckiest baby (besides of course being lucky to be born into your family)? Your little one could win you and your family over $50,000 in prizes!!!! That’s one lucky baby.

Grand prize of a $10,000 RESP, a 2014 Ford Flex and a (much needed I am sure) family trip to Orlando. Better yet, they will be adding more prizes as the contest continues so make sure to keep checking in.

Who’s Eligible:
This Canadian-wide opportunity is open to babies on the way and newborns up to the age of three (by contest end date). Current and soon-to-be moms, dads, grandparents, other family members and friends will all have an opportunity to enter. You must be 18+ to enter and you must be a resident of Canada excluding Quebec

How to Enter:
It’s quick and easy to enter – click on this link, create a profile (just some basic information), Opt-In to each prize and Increase your odds at winning (you can earn extra entries by taking surveys and showing us some love on Twitter and Facebook)

The contest is running from May 15th, 2014 to October 15th 2014

Social Media:
Facebook: Parent Life Network
Twitter: Parent Life Network
Pinterest: Parent Life Network
Social media hashtag: #luckybaby

Website: Canada’s Luckiest Baby

Good luck to all the adorable babies (and babies-2-be) out there


New Bottle and Nipple Innovations by Playtex #MomTrust – Enter to Win a Gift Pack!

Playtex Bottle and Nipple Kit

Pregnancy comes with so many questions! Which crib to buy, what mattress to buy, which stroller is better than the other and most important which bottle should I get?! I heard so many horror stories about giving a baby a bottle and well the hospitals don’t help since I found with both kids they push “breast is best” on you. The problem is, every baby is different, some don’t latch, some women can’t produce milk or enough milk and honestly, that is last thing a new mother needs.

I decided to give my first born son a bottle shortly after he was born, the problem was picking a bottle. I was told to find a bottle nipple that is most like a mothers breast (of course everyone, but I panicked and bought the first bottle I saw. I have to say it was a little difficult at the beginning getting him used to a bottle and now I wonder if those tough times were because the bottle and nipple innovations were not what they are now.

Playtex has done it again, they are helping moms with this tough decision by introduced a Playtex gift kit that has a 9oz. VentAire bottle, one 8oz. Nurser bottle with five Drop-Ins liners and best of all a 4 nipple variety pack (comes in slow flow and medium flow): NaturaLatch, Breastlike Shape, Full sized for wider mouths and angled for upright feeding. I love this variety pack because if one nipple doesn’t work, you don’t need to run out and buy a thousand new bottles and spend an arm and a leg for something they may or may not like. You can try them all on the bottles that are in the gift kit.

Playtex Bottle and Nipple Gift Kit

Thanks to our friends at Playtex, they are generously giving away a Bottle and Nipple Gift Set (SLOW flow) to one of my lucky mom and/or dad readers! Contest is open for Canadian residents only. Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Make sure to check out Playtex Mommyville page to see what other moms have to say about the products and give them a “like” on Facebook

Now it’s easy to make a decision – good luck

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. The opinions expressed belong to Babylish Advice and are not influenced in any way

Sleep? What’s that!!!!

Tired Mama


Can you even remember the days when you slept in till 10am and went to bed at 12am … why did you do that … no reason … just because you could?!!!

I strongly feel that sleep deprivation is one of the hardest adjustments to parenthood, but GUESS WHAT … there is a light at the end of the dark dark  tunnel that your trying so hard to run to (wait .. too dark? There are some people out there that function extremely well on no sleep (that’s my sister) and then there are those who love their precious sleep so much that the massive change is such a hard adjustment (that’s me!). I swear my first born knew I was a new mom and had no clue what I was doing so he decided to throw me into a pool to see if I would sink or swim, how about I was lightly treading. He was colicky and didn’t want to sleep .. EVER. I bounced him on a fitness ball for hours, I took him out for walks in freezing cold weather, I sat next to a running tap in my kitchen and I even paced and rocked him in my laundry room while the dryer was running and I even added in a pair of running shoes to the dryer so that it would make loud ass noise (desperate times) and this is how I survived the first five months. On a happier note, my new little guy was the complete opposite, easily goes down (well now after sleep training him) and is just such a calm, happy baby.

With all that, here are a few things I have learned and I personally recommend to help

1. ASK FOR HELP!!!!!!!!!!
My mom always asked me if I needed anything, my sister, my sister-in-law, my mother-in-law, everyone and I kept saying “no, I am ok thanks” and really I wanted to say “yes I would love the help” but I was too proud and well I crashed and then had no choice but to get the help. Second time around, anyone asked if they could hold the baby, I passed him right over. If anyone told me they would take him so I could lie down, sure no problem. I know its hard, but let people who offer help!!!

I know this is not easy especially when you have a thousand things to do like laundry, dishes, cleaning up the house, making the beds etc but try to close your eyes for sure once and if you can twice a day. Even little cat naps help to make you feel just a little bit better (I know easier said than done).

Everyone made me believe that by rocking the baby to sleep, holding him too much or co-sleeping with the baby I would somehow damage him and made me think that I would be doing this even when he was 18 and then I spoke to a few friends (one of which is a paediatrician) and she gave me the best advice “do what you need to do to survive” and I did (in fact when I was doing all these things and having anxiety about doing them, I kept repeating this over and over in my head) then at 4 months, you can sleep train to break all the bad habits (totally your comfort level – I did with both kids and they are both amazing sleepers)

You will get through the sleep deprivation and feel human again, I promise!!
If you have any sleep tips that helped, please share them below

Make sure to check out the Playtex Mommyville Community on Facebook

Happy sleeping

Disclaimer: This is part of #MomTrustTipsCanada #Playtex


The Best Sound in the World

Baby Burp

It’s 11:00pm and you just finished dream feeding your little one who is half exhausted and half in a milk coma and you put the little guy on your shoulder and sit there patting and patting and patting and rubbing his back and nothing comes of it so you just put him back to bed feeling .. well … kinda defeated.

Then comes the 2:00am feed and your baby wakes up screaming on the top of his lungs for food and sucks back the bottle like it’s nobody’s business. You put him back on your shoulder and pat and pat and pat while he arches his back making odd noises and once again … nothing comes of it. Truly, you feel defeated once again by this. So now, you make a game time decision to change his diaper (which will make him all wide eyed), sit him up on a 90 degree angle, pat again, rubbing his back, patting again, rub up and down his sides trying to find that one little sweet spot, put him back on your shoulder while he is arching his back and kicking his legs, you walk around the room in circles bouncing and bouncing with a loud, awful crackling noise in the background and then you decide screw it .. you lie him down on the change table to put him into that tight swaddle, pick him back up and then all of a sudden you hear the LOUDEST noise come out of that baby. First you look around to see if your husband has walked into the room and then finally you realize .. HOLY S#$&^T that just came out of your tiny little being’s mouth and you say out loud “that was AMAZING” then wonder who that felt better for, him or me. At that point,  your little one goes limp and has fallen back into that peaceful sleep state, you give him a kiss and go back to bed! Sure enough you want to sleep, but can’t  …  why … because all I want to do is  wake up my husband to brag and I do!! Yup that’s right!!! True story.

It’s the little things in life that make those exhausting, middle of the night feeds so tolerable.

Happy feeding

A Mommy Must-Have – Bouche Baby Take N Shake Bottles

Bouche Baby

Some of the absolute best baby/toddler products on the market are mom created and this product that I recently tested out is one of those on my favorite list. It truly was created to make our lives that much easier while we are running around to playdates, doing errands .. the mom on the go (which I always am).

This is a brand new product to hit the market and is a baby to toddler feeding system. For baby (formula fed or not), just fill it, take it and shake it and when a toddler, add the arms and it becomes a sippy cup.

I am new to the world of powdered formula (my first born refused to drink it) and packing it to go in a baggie and then getting it into the bottle was quite the challenge (yes I put the formula in a baggie – what do you want from me, i’m sleep deprived LOL) and then was told there were containers to store the formula in which is great in all but they are bulky! Don’t get me wrong I love the idea of the compartment container, but then came this product!!!!!!

Here’s how it works: Add pre-measured formula to the bottom compartment, attach the sieve, add water into the bottle, seal, and go. When you’re ready to feed your baby, simply unscrew, flip (dont forget this step .. trust me), shake, and serve. The specially designed sieve ensures no formula clumps. It took me a few minutes to figure it out, but once I got it, I was as good as golden. I recommend checking out the ‘How To’ video below which shows you a great demonstration:

The best part of the bottle is that it is designed to start with the baby and go through to the toddler years as it easily converts to a standard bottle when formula is no longer required and then can be used as a sippy cup when you no longer want to use bottles. If this becomes your child’s favorite bottle, they will get to keep it through all their transitions and perhaps it will help with those transitions since we all know those transitions are not the easiest. The bottle is fun with bright colours and fun measurements and definitely attracts as the last few times I have been out with it, I have been asked what bottle I am using.

Bouche Baby

Some Features:
– Dishwasher and microwave safe
– The middle compartment is easy to clean as the rings come off both ends
– BPA Free
– Colic prevention nipples

Thank you to our friends at Bouche Baby, they very kindly are offering three (3) of my lucky readers one (1) 5oz bottle. The contest is open to Canadian and US readers. You must be 18+ years of age to enter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For More Information and Where to Buy: www.bouchebaby.com, soon available in large retailer stores

Discount: Bouche Baby is so kindly offering my readers 15% off until September 30th – use discount code babylish at checkout

Good Luck



100% Natural Baby Care Line – Abundance Naturally Baby

Abundance Naturally Baby

I wanted to introduce you to Abundance Naturally Baby. It is not the smell that is the attractive feature of the product (it’s a plant based aroma for those that are curious), it is the fact that the line is 100% natural deriving all its contents from our environment which I know is important to a lot of parents. I truly love that this line was created by a mom who clearly understands what us moms are looking for in our baby products and this is evident as she breaks down how each ingredient helps soothe or heal.

Abundance Naturally Baby Balm:
I was never inlove with the idea of using Polysporin on my little man’s cuts or cortisone for his extreme dry skin and cradle cap and there now is an all natural solution. This balm helps soothe dry itchy skin, minor cuts, burns, cradle cap and has been proven to treat diaper rash. You will see below below in the ingredients why it is so healing.

Ingredients: Calendula (Reduces inflammation, protects & soothes irritated skin and kills bacteria), Chickweed (An external remedy to ease itchy, red, irritated skin), Goldenseal (Contains natural antibiotics that fight inflammation), Marshmallow root (Cools and moisturizes wounded inflamed tissue), Lavender (Reputed to heal burns, skin infections, and sun damage), and Sandalwood ( A fragrant essential oil commonly used to moisturize)
Price: $11.99 

Abundance Baby Balm

Abundance Naturally Baby Oil:
It was very important to me to incorporate massage into our night time routine (and i’m not talking about mine and my husbands – I wish) especially with having a colicky baby and massage oil is a very important part because it helps calm the baby. A lot of oils are petroleum based but this oil is infused with sweet cherry and vitamin E

Ingredients: grape seed oil (a light, emollient carrier oil with astringent qualities that penetrates quickly), sunflower oil (rich in vitamins A, B, D & E, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids, its emollient and moisturizing), grapefruit seed extract (a natural preservative and anti-oxidant to prolong the stability of product, naturally) and essential oils of lavender and chamomile (Wild-crafted flowers known for their calming, soothing and relaxing essences, this aromatic oil is full of beneficial properties including anti-inflammatory)
Price: $11.99

Abundance Baby Oil

Abundance Naturally Baby Bum Bum Spray:
A litter-free alternative to chemical-laden disposable wipes. Use this spray for diaper changes and clean-up of little hands and faces. Because of the contents, you can also use this spray to soothe scrapes and cuts on-the-go … first aid without the sting.

Ingredients: Lavendar flower (soothing, calming, hydrating mild cleaning essence water), aloe, coconut oil (it penetrates the skin readily, thus acting as a carrier for transdermal therapeutic ingredients with exceptional ability to transport essential oils and actives) and witch hazel (alcohol free -with natural astringent properties, it soothes and cleanses), tea tree oil
Price: $11.99

Abundance Bum Bum Spray

Abundance Naturally Baby Bubble Wash:
Not bubble bath, bubble wash!!! It’s a foaming all-in-one baby wash for fine hair and baby’s new skin. It is filled with soothing and hydrating properties and lots of vitamins. A tear-free and mild formula is great even for the older one’s (Frankie likes to pump it out himself and clean his body since he can see the foam when he puts it on himself).

Ingredients: Organic Liquid Castile Soap (a mild natural soap made from saponified organic oils of sunflower and coconut making it good for sensitive skin), Aloe Vera Juice (well respected and moisturizing agent rich in vitamins B & C and folic acid), Lavender Floral Water and Chamomile (soothing, calming, hydrating mild cleansing essences)
Price: $11.99

Abundance Naturally Baby Bubble Wash

Abundance Naturally Baby Belly Butter:
A product just for me!!! With all the great healing properties in this belly butter, it is great for the expectant moms and their bellies and/or cracked nipples (ouch). I have been very lucky to not have stretch marks for either pregnancy (I don’t want to jinx myself since I do have 6 more weeks to go), but I have decided to put on this belly butter every night before bed as precaution .. it can’t hurt right! It actually relieves the itchy belly that comes with pregnancy!

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, flaxseed, rosehip and vitamin E oils (are all known to help reduce stretch marks), Shea, Cocoa, Mango Seed butters (moisturizing, emollient, reduces the formation of stretch marks and rejuvenates skin; rich in EFA’s containing natural anti-oxidants and promotes cell regeneration), Essential Oil of Lavender, Ylang Ylang and Balsam Peru Oil (aromatic and promotes calmness and moisturizes)
Price: $11.99


All these products are available on their website (click here), well.ca or find it at your local pharmacy and health food stores all over Canada.

Have you tried any of these products? Please let us know what you think below

Live Clean with your Baby

My love for the live Clean Baby products started when I was at Walmart and a friend asked me to pick up two of the largest bottles of Live Clean Baby Shampoo that I could find there and so I was intrigued and bought myself a bottle and was hooked! Best of all, it was WAYYY cheaper than the shampoo I was previously buying and I liked it so much more – you see, cheaper doesn’t necessarily mean inferior!

Lucky me, I was recently sent their new line  of baby products to try out and I have to say I am very pleased. You will see a common theme throughout all the products …

Let me introduce you to the new collection:

Live Clean (baby) Baby Powder – 150 g – $6.99

Live Clean baby Baby powder

*My thoughts: I love that it is made from all natural ingredients and it smells soooo good

–  Enriched with certified organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender and Aloe
–  Made with 99 per cent naturally derived ingredients
–  Petroleum free
–  Paraben, Phthalate and Phosphate free
–  Talc free
–  This hypoallergenic formula absorbs excess moisture and refreshes baby’s delicate skin

Live Clean (baby) Creamy Head to Toe Wash – 300 mL – $6.99

Live Clean Baby Head to Toe Wash

*My thoughts: Soft on the skin and call me weird but I love to smell my little man after his bath because he smells like a baby again. Tear Free!!!!

–  Enriched with certified organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender and Aloe
–  Made with 98 per cent plant ingredients
–  Petroleum free
–  Paraben, Phthalate and Phosphate free
–  Soap-free hair and body wash features a coconut based surfactant
–  Clinically tested, mild, tear free formula gently cleanses without drying, leaving baby’s skin and hair, feeling soft and has a gentle scent to comfort baby

Live Clean (baby) Baby Wipes 56 ct – $6.99

Live Clean Baby Baby Wipes*My thoughts: the wipes are thick so they soak up those crazy messes, enriched with Vitamin E and yet again, smells so good which helps take away the nasty smells (well not 100% of the smell, but at least a small portion)

–  Enriched with certified organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender and Aloe
–  Made with 98 per cent plant ingredients
–  Petroleum free
–  Paraben, Phthalate and Phosphate free
–  Chlorine and alcohol free
–  Gentle plant-based cleanser contains added Vitamin E to replenish moisture to baby’s delicate skin

Live Clean (baby) Foaming Wash 256 mL – $6.99

Live Clean Baby Baby Foaming Wash

*My thoughts: like the all-in-one wash, it’s great for sensitive skin and moisturizes for up to 24 hours and it still makes my 2.5 year old smell like a newborn baby

–  Enriched with certified organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender and Aloe
–  Made with 98 per cent plant ingredients
–  Petroleum free
–  Paraben, Phthalate and Phosphate free
–  Enhanced with a convenient bath-time friendly foaming pump, this unique pediatrician tested formula moisturizes baby’s dry skin, leaving it soft and smooth

Live Clean (baby) & mommy Bath & Massage Oil 125 mL – $6.99

Live Clean Baby Massage Oil

*My thoughts: Unfortunately, I haven’t tested it out because my 2.5 year won’t sit for more than 10 seconds to give him a massage, but you can bet that I will be using this on my newbie to come

–  Enriched with certified organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender and Aloe
–  Made with 98 per cent plant ingredients
–  Petroleum Free
–  Paraben, Phthalate and Phosphate free
–  Made with Safflower oil and Oat Kernel oil, naturally rich in antioxidants and moisturizing Vitamin E
–  This hypoallergenic, light weight formula softens and soothes baby’s skin while protecting it from environmental influences


Live Clean (baby) Soothing Relief Foaming Wash 265 mL – $6.99

Live Clean Baby Soothing Relief Foaming Wash

*My thoughts: I love the idea that there is another line of soothing relief products, especially a wash for the bath. My son has eczema and oatmeal based products really help with moisturizing

–  Enriched with certified organic botanicals of Chamomile, Lavender and Aloe
–  Made with 98 per cent Plant Ingredients
–  Petroleum Free
–  Paraben, Phthalate and Phosphate free
–  Clinically tested, hypoallergenic, tear free wash formulated with natural colloidal oatmeal and certified organic chamomile to gently cleanse, soothes and relieve baby’s dry skin

Live Clean (baby) Soothing Relief Baby Wipes 56 ct – $6.99

Live Clean Baby Baby Soothing Wipes*My thoughts: With some of the same features as the ultra soft wipes, these wipes have oat kernel extract and chamomile which are very healing components calming irritation on sensitive skin (I have not yet had the chance to try these)

–  Enriched with certified organic botanicals of Oat Kernel Extract and Chamomile
–  Made with 98 per cent plant ingredients
–  Petroleum free
–  Paraben, Phthalate and Phosphate free
–  Chlorine and alcohol free
–  Clinically tested, these cloth-like wipes are quilted for extra strength and softness and are gentle enough to cleanse baby’s sensitive skin

Where to Buy Across Canada: Shoppers, Loblaws, Fortino’s, Zehr’s, Toys R Us, Walmart, Rexall, IDA, Sobey’s, Highland Farms, Pharmasave and Target (selections may vary by retailer)

Well there you have it and as you can see there are a lot of common themes … they are all $6.99, they all smell sooooo good, it can be used on baby and toddler and is made from all natural ingredients with your baby’s skin in mind.

I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend these products as well as their entire line! I can’t wait to use them all on my newbie to be