Introducing the NEW Playtex Diaper Genie Elite

What’s worse than a smelly diaper … a smelly garbage full of diapers!!!! You know what I am talking about … in that case you either didn’t register for a diaper garbage system pre-baby and therefore thought it would be an ok idea to use your regular garbage until someone bought it off your registry (bad idea) or you have opened someone else’s garbage and caught a waft (my stomach just turned thinking about that .. ew).

Of course you have heard of the Diaper Genie … well now there is a new Diaper Genie in town, the Diaper Genie Elite which has some new, great features (yes this stuff excites me even though I am semi close to my little one being out of diapers).

Diaper Genie Elite

What I love about the Diaper Genie Elite
– There are colour options now HOORAY!!! Grey, Blue and Pink
– Bigger step peddle (it’s the little things that make me happy)
– Has a carbon filter holder built right into the lid (and comes with one carbon filter), if your wondering this absorbs the odour therefore helping to eliminate it
– The front bin now opens for easy garbage removal (no more moving the pail from the wall)
– Easy assembly
– Built in cutter now under the top portion of the diaper pail (less bending is what that means)
– Uses the same refills as the older version so you don’t have to worry about wasting your old one’s (it also comes with 1 refill)
– Reasonably priced at $35.97 CAD
– Now available on  and offered with Prime for those Prime members

The Diaper Genie Elite

I bow down to The Diaper Genie Elite helping every room smell good one diaper at a time!
Curious to see what others think of it? Check out the reviews on


Playtex Has New Friends

It wasn’t long ago that I reviewed the Playtex Anytime Straw Twist N’ Click Sippy Cup and since then it has been the only sippy cup that I use as it NEVER (yes NEVER) leaks!!!

What could possibly make this sippy cup better? Let me introduce you to the new Playtex® PlayTime™ cups with some of your little one’s favourite friends like Thomas the Train, My Little Pony and DC Superheros like Batman/Robin and Superman (Superman is exclusively sold at Walmart). Timing worked out well for me because my little guy is OBSESSED with all things Batman so much so, that we actually had to hide my other son’s Batman cup because the little guy would cry wanting that cup.

Playtex Anytime Sippy Cup

What I love about the Playtex Anytime Licensed Sippy Cups?
– First and foremost, I love the Twist N’ Click technology, NO LEAKS!
– Lid options include Spout Lid and Straw Lid
-You will hear a click when the lid is shut properly
– The amazing licensed designs; there is something for everyone
– The cups are break-proof (thank you to my little man we have put this theory to the test)
– Double wall so it keeps the cold drinks colder for longer and no sweating leaving nasty rings everywhere they put the cup down
– Very reasonably priced at $7.99

Playtex Anytime Sippy Cup

My little man lovin’ his new cup!

Where to Buy: Toys R Us

 Good times

No Spill Solution with the Playtex Twist ‘n Click Snacker Cup #MomTrust

Playtex Mom Trust

I have always been a huge fan of snacker cups, not only is it the best for on-the-go snacks, it’s a great item to help kids with independent eating.

When I first saw these years ago, I was loving the brilliant invention, however, my purse wasn’t loving it so much. I felt like there was always a surprise waiting for me at the bottom of my purse … Goldfish, Cheerio’s, Yogurt Melts … you know those great snacks that crush the minute something hard hits it, maybe like keys, your phone, wallet everything???!!! I could seriously feed a family of pigeons with the amount of crumbs at the bottom of purse and it drove me crazy.

It baffled my mind that someone did not think of something so simple like adding a lid to the snacker cup … well times they are a changin’ because now Playtex has come out with their version of a snacker cup and guess what?! It comes with a lid!!! High five Playtex.

Playtex Twist 'n Click Snacker Cup

Here’s what I love about the Twist ‘n Click Snacker Cup
– well clearly it comes with a lid!
– it has the Twist ‘n Click technology so you know the lid is locked
– the lid rotates (harder for the little one’s to grasp this concept so you have to do it for them) and sits under the cup while not being used and doesn’t get in the way
– it has an ergonomic handle, easy for the little one’s to hold onto
– dishwasher safe (always a bonus)
– the opening is soft enough to get their hands into

Happy Snacking

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Playtex Prize Pack

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Back-to-School Success #MomTrust

Back to School

This back-to-school year was a big one for me … my first born was going into Junior Kindergarten … WHAT?! How did this happen so quickly, I mean I swear he was just 2.

Truly, I am not sure who was more nervous, him or me. It was as if I was going back to school again, I couldn’t sleep partially because of excitement for him and partially I was worrying about all the little things I know I can’t control. It wasn’t until the middle of the night I realized that I had NO idea what to send in his backpack, I thought there was some sort of guide (kind of like when your baby is born you wonder if there is some sort of mom manual). Thank goodness for my friends with older kids at the same school, because they got a frantic call from me at 6:30am. As unorganized as I was, I had a moment of clarity and  started making lists of lunch and snack options which made grocery shopping that evening a lot easier and then making secondary lists of food rotations. Yes this seems crazy, but I have the PICKIEST eater in my house and mornings are very slow in my house so this just helps make things just a tad bit easier and faster in the mornings especially the first day of school morning.

It wasn’t until we walked out of the house and my big guy looked at me with sheer excitement and said he was ready to go to Junior Kindergarten and that is when I smiled and realized that everything was going to be ok (for him and me).

Frankie School


Enjoy these moments because they only happen once
Happy Back-to-School to all your little one’s

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The Cup that DOESNT Leak #MomTrust

TravelTime Sport Spout Cup

I know the #1 concern with sippy cups/travel cups is whether they leak and a lot of sippy cups on the market do which unfortunately, you usually find out the hard way (a wet purse or diaper bag) and then you get upset that you wasted money on a product that just ends up in the garbage.

I am always nervous to test sippy cups because I also worry about leaking issues and I don’t ever want to steer people wrong in my recommendations, but I received the Playtex TravelTime Sport Spout cup and I am telling you the honest truth, it is a fantastic cup!

The first thing I did was fill it up and turn it upside down, on it’s side and dropped it … absolutely not one leak! I didn’t really think about opening the spout and turning it upside down, but my son tested that on his own. I gave him the cup in the car and he thought it would be fun to play with it and my heart sank when I saw it opened and upside down thinking he would be soaked and we couldn’t pull over to change him. Sure enough, NOT ONE drip came out!!! Now that impressed me.

Playtex TravelTime Sport Spout Cup

You can see the counter DOESN’T have one drip on it!!!

What I love about the TravelTime Sport Spout Cup
– The non-leaking issue is #1 on my list (
New spill-proof valve allows liquid to flow only when the child sips)
– Interchangeable lids with other Playtex Twist ‘n Click lids
– It’s dishwasher safe which is always a bonus
– Insulated (has a dual wall to keep cold drinks cool and warm drinks warm)
– BPA Free!
– Cute dinosaur design
– Easy flip straw
– 100% leak-proof and break-proof guarantee

Enjoy your new non-leaking cup!

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All Good Things Must Come to an End #MomTrust

I don’t think a summer has ever flown by this quickly! I am still in shock that its the second week of August and in only a few weeks time I am back at work, BUT I feel very fortunate that I had the summer off to be with my kids (well the older one is at camp, but at least I can drop him off at the bus and pick him up everyday).

I truly think my older son had the absolute best summer of his life (so far) with lasting memories for both him and us and though my little guy is in his first year of life, it was a summer of exciting firsts for him including his first birthday coming up!

Here are some of our favourite memories:
My big guy was able to experience camp for the first time: When he got on the bus on the first day, naturally I cried and he just looked at me and said good-bye with no tears … NOTHING. Of course I was so proud of him for being so brave, but come on I was hoping he would be a little sad and miss me (better he wasn’t I know).



My husband and I took my big guy to Canada’s Wonderland with one of his best friends: Although we took him last summer, he was too small for all the rides he wanted to go on and cried 90% of the time because he couldn’t understand the concept of a lineup so needless to say we didn’t stay very long. This year was a WHOLE other ballgame: he ate all the yummy stuff he wouldn’t be allowed on a regular day like candy floss, big huge lollipops etc (sugar rush much), and best of all he got a blue bracelet and was able to go on all the rides he wasn’t allowed to the previous year like the the Ghoster Coaster (I am actually scared of that ride, but he insisted so my husband took him on). I had to enlarge the pic below, because his face is CLASSIC (front row – the little guy in the sunglasses and that’s my husband)

Canada's Wonderland


We got to meet our cousins from LA for the first time: I am fortunate that I have a very large family, but sadly they are all over the United States. My father told me our cousins from Los Angeles were coming to Toronto to visit, so immediately I planned a big family get together so that the kids could all meet their cousins for the first time and it was as if the kids had known each other forever. The best part of the meeting was that when F’s oldest cousin walked in, he noticed that he had the same jersey as his cousin was wearing and went upstairs and changed into a matching outfit so he could be like his big cousin. A memory that will never be forgotten

Frankie and Jake

Spending time with my whole family: My family consists of my mom and dad, my two older brothers, my older sister and their kids (S is 11 years old, P is almost 5 years old, J is almost 3 years old, B boy is 6 months old and B girl is almost 1 year plus my two boys). We are a very close family, so much so we all live about 5-10 minutes max from each other. I don’t think there was one weekend this summer that I didn’t see a family member which truly is the best. To me, there is nothing better than being surrounded by family


Although all good things must come to an end, the memories we make are forever!

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Summer Time in the City #MomTrust

Summer Time in Toronto

So it’s summer time (though these days it doesn’t feel like it here in Toronto) and you want to spend as much time outdoors with your kids as possible since we only have a short amount of time to enjoy it, but what is there to do? The real question though should really be “Where do I start?”

Although we have no big family trips planned this summer, there is so much to do around the city, it’s hard to fit it all in, in only a few short months. Wondering what all those things are? Well here are few  things to do in Toronto that you may or may not have thought of to help kickstart your summer fun:

1. Centre Island
Whether you just want to walk around and enjoy nature or speed it up and jump on some rides (including the fairy boat ride to the island which the kids love), this is a great place for kids of all ages. Plus I love it because it brings back a lot of memories from when I was a kid (did I mention not much has changed there since I was a kid?!)


Summer 2013 with our one and only (at the time)

2. Canada’s Wonderland
Canada’s largest playground and I promise it will keep the kids entertained for HOURS!! For the little kids (or the adults like me who are scared of large rides) there is Planet  Snoopy and for the bigger kids there are roller coasters, roller coasters and more roller coasters. Oh did I mention there is a large water park?


Summer 2012

3. African Lion Safari
Now I haven’t been before, but it is on my list for this year! I have heard such great things and I think my older guy will freak seeing exotic animals so closely. Now I know a lot of people worry about ruining their cars, but not to worry as a friend told me you can pass by the area with the monkeys which apparently is where they jump on the cars and can scratch it up.

4. Ripley’s Believe it or Not Aquarium (save this one for those rainy days)
What a cool place and both parents and the kids will love it. It’s like an escape into an underwater world with the most beautiful fish swimming all around you and there are lots of fun, interactive things for the kids to do. One word to the wise, it’s best to go as soon as it opens or close to. PS you know what’s even more fun? Taking the subway down, the kids love it!

Ripley's Believe it or Not

5. The Toronto Zoo
I have to say I am quite proud of our zoo though don’t expect to see elephants because they are gone (my son was very sad about this discovery) but giraffes, tigers, monkey’s and zebras there are 🙂 


Baby VS The Monkey (my little guy seems confused)

6. Backyard Fun
If you are just simply looking for something on the more “chill” side, buy some sprinkler toys, a little table for the kids to do some arts and crafts on, a little blow up pool and your set. If you are thinking bigger (and spending more money), go for a bouncy castle, cottage, sand table and/or water table to keep them busy.


Enjoy the weather while you can
Happy planning

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Playtex has New Sippy Cups #MomTrust – Enter to WIN!


Hi my name is Terri and I am a sippy cup hoarder!!! Yup, that’s right, I have probably bought every product on the market. It all started 3 years ago when I was trying to transition my big guy (who was about 6 months back then) to a sippy cup and he refused to take it. So in true Terri fashion, I went to a baby store and bought every sippy cup on the shelves in the hopes that he would take at least one of them and voila he took one. Fast forward 3 years and he is still using the same sippy cup to drink his milk and honestly speaking I absolutely despise this cup because it constantly leaks which causes a huge meltdown and the stubborn guy won’t change it. Needless to say it was pulled off the market and I can understand why!

I can say that I am lucky that I will not have to buy another sippy cup ever again since I can just use all my old one’s that my other son didn’t like, but I was sent the Playtex Anytime Straw Sippy Cup to review and those other one’s do not compare, I am sold! In fact, I am going to get a bunch more since now I won’t use any other sippy cup (I am a firm believer that if it ain’t broke don’t fix it).

Anytime Straw Cup

Here’s what I love:
– First and foremost it’s LEAK PROOF (tried and tested)!!! My biggest pet peeve are these sippy cups that claim they are the best and then leak so it can’t leave my house
– I love that it has a the Twist N Click technology so that once you twist to close the lid u know that it is properly sealed
– Extremely lightweight
– Contoured to make it easy for the little hands to hold it
– It is breakproof which is great since we know the little guys think its hilarious to throw things on the floor and watch us get it over and over
– BPA Free (obviously)
– Dishwasher Safe – this is always important to me
– Interchangeable lids so the cup can grow with your child
– LOVE LOVE LOVE how the straw goes right to the bottom of the cup so there is no fussing to get the last sips (another pet peeve of mine)
– The Anytime Cup also comes in Spoutless, Spout or Straw so there are lots of options to suit all kids

Playtex also offers a great line of cups for all different ages: TrainingTime (great for the little one’s transitioning to a sippy cup), PlayTime (my son loves his), AnyTime (insulated to keep drinks cool)

Playtex Anytime Sippy Cup

Thanks to our friends at Playtex, they are giving away one Anytime Straw Sippy Cup to one lucky reader!!! The contest is open to Canadian residents only. Here’s how to enter: 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Happy Child = Happy Mommy

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Holy *#$&% #MomTrust

Dirty Diapers Having an older sister has a lot of perks, one of which is that she is the first to have kids so I could see what parenting is REALLY like!!! I am not just talking about the cute snuggling, the little tears because of hunger etc. I am talking about the faucet vomiting, massive meltdowns and most importantly the rancid (and I stress rancid) diapers.

When my sister changed my nephews first few diapers, I actually thought to myself that it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be and felt confident I would be fine when I had a baby considering my sensitivity to bad smells … boy was I wrong. Needless to say there was quite a bit of gagging and breathe holding on my part.

Google’s definition of the word EXPLOSION: “a violent and destructive shattering … as is caused by a bomb” and it just so happens that the bomb was my son’s … well … you know!

No diaper could handle the kind of explosion my son had. Thank goodness I wasn’t alone that day, my husband happened to be working from home and the moment came when I went to change his diaper and HOLY #$(*&#$ (literally) it was all up his front side and then I took a look at his back side and I swear I felt like it was slow motion when I screamed CODEEEEE BROWNNNNN. In the moment, the two of us were hysterically laughing because we couldn’t figure out what to do next. The first question: how on earth are we going to get the onesie off without it getting near his face (TIP: roll up the onesie then pull it off – learned that from experience, but that wasn’t how we did it this time) well that ended in a complete disaster, need I say more! The next step, clean it off. My husband was holding the baby up (at arms length) while I used an entire pack of wipes to wipe him down and then the moment we were waiting for, yup he peed all over us (of course he had a look of “what did I do” on his face”) and then to the bath. Just re-telling that story, I truly feel exhausted!

I’m sure we all have funny stories, feel free to share yours!

Happy Diapering