Personalize it with Little Monkey Designs

Little Monkey Designs

I always get asked for recommendations for baby gifts and I feel like over the last few years my recommendations have been getting stale. Yes blankets, insulated lunch bags, backpacks, registry items are always great, but I really love recommending unique items that a family wouldn’t necessarily buy for themselves.

I was recently introduced to Little Monkey Designs and after scrolling through their web page seeing all the great items they had to offer, I was intrigued as I thought all their items would make amazing gifts and wanted to review one or two … well … here I am to introduce all of you to Little Monkey Designs because I am now a HUGE fan and so will you!

The first thing on the website that caught my eye were the personalized pillows, something you wouldn’t necessarily buy for yourself, but would make an amazing gift. As much as I love the home decor family pillows, I had to have the personalized birth announcement pillow and had it made with all my oldest son’s information (not picking favourites, but I figured the little one wouldn’t know the difference as this stage in his life, but I am going to have one made for him as well).

Little Monkey Designs Personalized Pillow

 Here’s what I love about Little Monkey Designs Pillow:
– The website was easy to navigate and order
– You can custom colour match parts of your pillow
– The pillow arrived in a timely manner
– The quality is top notch, the fabric is of the highest quality
– It is reasonably priced
– Choice of girl or boy colour
– Locally made
– Makes a nice accent pillow in a family room or children’s room
– Removable pillow cover … just incase you run into a mess!!!
– Simply my son loves it and it makes him feel special!

Little Monkey Designs Pillow

Make sure to check out all the other wonderful gifts that Little Monkey Designs has to offer and if one of the products peeks your interest, use code: babylish at check out to receive 15% off your order.

Happy ordering

Babylish Testers try out Babyankees


Created by a mom for us moms, another great idea that was clearly created due to past experiences which always seem to make the best products. Since I really loved the idea of this product, but don’t have a newbie or an older guy in one piece pj’s, I put it out to my product testers and had a few mom’s test it out for themselves to provide their own review.

Here is what Marlo had to say:

I was given the opportunity to test the new product Babyankees which is used to stabilize babies’ feet within their sleepers.  I was hesitant that it would work as most nights my daughter wakes up with her legs within the body compartment of her pajamas   However after a week of using them she never woke up with her ankles in the wrong spot.  I highly recommend Babyankees for moms!

Baby Ankees


Here is what Rebecca had to say:

Babyankees were a quick and easy solution to keep baby’s feet inside their sleepers!  My baby constantly tries to move his feet out of the foot holes in his clothes. He is a master of removing his socks too! Babyankees are easy to use, small to store and look cute on! Great idea! Thanks!!

Baby Ankees


Here’s what Christina had to say (she has twins):

I do like them. Cat in particular, being smaller, draws her knees up inside her sleeper all the time and so these hold it down really well. Taking them on and off with diaper changes is just ‘one more thing’ to do though (x2 – haha) and I find them to be quite tight to get on.. I feel that I’m going to hurt the girls. Both Josh and I felt that the concept was great, but that something that was easier to put on, perhaps with velcro, would be easier to use.. or even if it had a teensy bit more ‘give’ to it. I think it is something that I would be more likely to use during the day than at night because I’m too tired to put them back on when I’m focussing on feeding the girls and trying to get them to sleep (which is an issue right now)

Baby Ankees

Thank you to Babyankees for providing pairs for my mom testers to try and most of all thank you to Marlo, Rebecca and Christina for your great, honest reviews!

For retailers around North America that carry Babyankees, click here



Disclaimer: free products were provided to each mom to test out and review. Pictures were submitted by these mom’s and approved of posting them. Real reviews from real moms!