The Battle of the Bang

The Beauty Supply Outlet

I recently made a HUGE decision … to cut bangs! That may not seem like a big decision, but for someone who has had the same hair cut for the last 10 years … big decision! I walked away loving my new do until I showered and tried to do the bangs myself and it was an EPIC failure. My bangs looked like tree’s … straight and stiff.

I had two problems to work with: one being that I had to find the time every other day to blow dry my hair straight since I have naturally wavy hair which I really don’t see wavy working with well with the bangs and two, figuring out the right products to make these bangs look normal.

I went to The Beauty Supply Outlet which was the only place I knew would have a selection of the products I would need to maintain these puppies and walked out with a bag full of brushes, a new flat iron (that was on sale woot woot) and combs to try out and … I still could not perfect the beauty of the bang though they were soooo much better than before. Talk about a complete coincidence, a month later I was offered a chance to go to The Beauty Supply Outlet (at Yonge and Eglinton) to help with my beauty routine and I happily accepted since my last visit I went in for the sole purpose to buy brushes and didn’t even look around or see what they would recommend (my bad).

The Beauty Supply Outlet

The Yonge and Eglinton Store

First off let me say that I actually took the time to walk around the store and was so shocked because they had the specialty shampoo and conditioner that I normally order through my regular salon and takes over a week to get, and best of all is that it was so much cheaper at The Beauty Supply Outlet (don’t I feel dumb) not to mention a lot of the other high end brands (Joico, Paul Mitchelle etc). Secondly, they were so extremely helpful with taking the time to walk me around show me products that would help me tame these suckers. I hate to say it, but all those brushes I bought previously were all wrong (oops by bad), so this visit I walked away with a new ceramic brush in the right size and a salon quality blow dryer which I have to say, both made a WORLD of difference. She even convinced me to not always straighten my hair and leave it natural (and only blow dry my bangs – I will let you know how that goes).

The Beauty Supply Outlet

My purchases

I am always looking for great deals, especially when I am constantly buying products for my hair and The Beauty Supply Outlet really does have them. Not only was my shampoo and conditioner cheaper, I saw the product I use for my wavy hair, two for $30.00 when I have been previously buying them for $20 each. Oh, did I mention that I bought my new flat iron on sale and my blow dryer (those are the big ticket items that you want to get a deal on).

I do very much appreciate when staff members take the time to listen to their customers problems (whatever those may be, in my case battling the bang) and provide you with solutions and that is exactly what this staff member at The Beauty Supply Outlet did and for that I am grateful.

I’m also excited about the weekly Red Hot Deals available on the website – check out this month’s deals here

So there you have it, a little dose of my daily hair drama.
If you have bangs, PLEASE share with me your secret on the upkeep


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DISCLAIMER: This post was brought to you by The Beauty Supply Outlet. The opinions expressed herein are my own and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of the Beauty Supply Outlet.

Exclusive Shopping Night in Support of Mount Sinai Hospital

Spring is here, so time to get rid of all the 0ld winter clothes in your wardrobe and shop to your hearts content at Holt Renfrew while supporting women’s and infant’s health at Mount Sinai. 10% of all the purchases made that evening will be donated to Mount Sinai.

When: May 27th
Where: Holt Renfrew on Bloor
Time: 7:00pm-10:00pm (7 – cocktail reception, 8 – shopping)
Price: $75

Includes: each person will receive a $25 Holts gift card, culinary delights and surprises throughout the store

Holt Renfrew and Mount Sinai Hospital


To purchase tickets, click here or call (416) 586-4800 ext.4681
Hope to see you all there

Happy shopping

Cedarvale MarketPlace Day

Cedarvale MarketPlace Day


Looking for something to do with the kids next weekend? Come to Cedarvale MarketPlace Day where parents can shop and kids can run around and have fun. Get great items for Mothers day, camp or simply just shop for yourself.

What is there for the kids?
Face Painting
Henna Tattoos
Balloon Twisting
Photo Booth

What is there for adults?
Great gift-ware
Children’s Items
Catered Cafe (breakfast/lunch/snacks from Barque, Elyse Leanna Catering, Baker and Scone, Mad Mexican and Cedarvale’s grilled cheese bar)

Date: Saturday April 26th
Time: 10am-4pm
Where: Cedarvale Community School (145 Ava Road)

Head over to their Facebook page and give them a ‘like’ – you will also find a detailed list of the vendors there I look forward to seeing everyone there


Calling all Moms-2-Be!!! Thyme Maternity’s Holiday Collection – ENTER TO #WIN

It’s holiday time which means that it’s THYME (haha I’m so cheesy) to start looking for your New Years and office holiday party outfits. It is hard enough to find a nice outfit not being pregnant never mind being pregnant – YIKES!!! If your anything like me, I would first go through my entire non-pregnancy wardrobe trying everything on hoping something will fit and then after seeing my belly hang out or not being able to do up the back of the dress, I give up (in tears might I add) because nothing fits and well because I had high hopes!!!!

Thyme Maternity has their new, very stylish holiday collection in and it is fabulous!!! I can guarantee you will find an outfit (or 3 or 4) for all these occasions and then some. They have everything from cute dresses to skinnies that you can pair with a nice shirt or blouse. Here is a peak at some great looks that you will find in store

Thyme Maternity

Thyme Maternity

I have always loved Thyme Maternity for its basics (their tanks are my fave) and this holiday lineup just took it to a whole new level!!!!

Thanks to our VERY generous friends at Thyme Maternity, they are giving one of my lucky readers a $200 gift certificate to use at any of their stores (Canadian residents only). Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Happy Shopping

My Pregnancy Survival Guide

Pregnancy is not easy (well maybe it is for you), however a lot of changes are happening and here are a bunch of items that have saved me through the 9 long months.

The Pregnancy Pillow aka my boyfriend:


Look how happy she looks!!

If you dont have one of these you must invest or borrow from a friend. I am a back sleeper and was told that is a big no no during pregnancy so I bought this pillow to help and well lets just say I missed it when I gave it up once I had my first born (I promise you my husband did NOT miss it). The moment I found out I was pregnant with baby #2, that pillow immediately came out of storage and I am wondering how I am going to give it up again. I bought the Snoogle but there are tons of brands out there to choose from. One thing to note: this pillow is NOT small!!!

Water Bottle:

Water Bottle

If you haven’t done so already, now is the time to purchase one of those water bottles that are leak proof (trust me on that one) and you can fill up and throw into your purse. I am always thirsty and when I need water, I need it now. Lucky for me, I work in the promo industry so I have an endless supply of water bottles, but go to any pharmacy or supermarket as they have tons of options.

The Long  White Layering Tank: 


For those who don’t know me … that is NOT me! I wish I looked that good during pregnancy!

The question is how many of these white long layering tanks do I actually have in my maternity wardrobe? Easily 6-7 and I could probably buy more. These are not just for summer time, they are amazing for layering since either your boobs have gotten too big and your regular scoop neck shirt just turned into the lowest cleavage shirt or your belly is hanging out the bottom of your shirt. I even thought it helped make those “trouble” areas a little less “trouble” 🙂

A Good Place to Shop: 

Maternity shopping

You can try to wear your pre-pregnancy clothes for as long as possible, but I promise you it won’t last long until you start feeling that everything is so tight and you just want to get it off (or peel it off depending on how far along in your pregnancy you are), or your belly is actually hanging out the bottom (hey if that’s your cup of tea, go for it) at which point you decide “ok now it’s time I buy some maternity clothes” but where do you go? Well pick out your favorite maternity shop and treat yourself to some cute clothes. My pick (both pregnancies) was/is a little boutique shop called Kick Maternity that is located mid-town Toronto. Not only do they have a great selection of clothes, they carry brand names, non-brand names and their staff are SUPER helpful and most importantly they are honest and know their stuff.

Belly Bands:

Bella Band

Ok so your jeans are getting a little tighter now and its hard to get them done up – what do you do?? You don’t have a bump so no need to get maternity jeans yet, but you can’t sit in those tight jeans that leave the button mark embedded into your skin … get a belly band!!! These bands have the appearance of wearing a tank top but infact you leave your jean button open and the band keeps your pants from falling down (smart invention) – even good for post pregnancy. I got mine at Kick Maternity 

The Wedge:

Pregnancy Wedge

As if my pregnancy pillow/”boyfriend” wasn’t enough, I added in the pregnancy wedge pillow in the last few months of my pregnancy. Near the end, I tend to use the pregnancy pillow as support for my back leaving an open space for that poor heavy belly of mine and decided to try this out and for $15 it was well worth it! Wedge it right under your belly when lying down and it just lifts an enormous weight off. I got this at Toys R Us

Well there you have it … my pregnancy survival guide. If there are any products that have helped you during your pregnancy, please share by commenting below.


The Clubmom Card



I love to shop and I love discounts, so combine the two together and you have the clubmom card … woot woot

There are so many reasons why I love this card! First of all, I applaud Stephanie who is behind clubmom as she really has hand picked great GTA vendors which are all centered around mom and  her little one(s)

The card is very reasonably priced at $30 per year and you receive anywhere from 10%-15% off at your fave places (these days mine being yogurty’s – yup its on the list) I’ve even found some great businesses I didn’t know about that have amazing products and/or programs. Save on activities, shopping, personal services and more – click here to see the list of vendors

Clubmom gives back, specifically through it’s fundraising program! They have a number of TDSB schools, private schools, Jewish Day Schools and charities selling the card as a fundraiser.  The charities or schools receive $10 (of the $30) for each card sold. For each card sold, they give back $10 to support a cause – truly I think that’s amazing.


To get your clubmom card today, click on the image above or speak to your child’s school or charity to find out if they are part of clubmom.

Enjoy your card as much as I enjoy mine