Every Day is an Adventure #StreamTeam

Dragon Race to the Edge

When I think of an adventure, my mind slips into another world thinking of zip lining in Costa Rica or taking a cruise through the Greek Islands or sleeping in a hut over the bright blue water in Bali and then I come back to reality with a toy car being whipped at my head and watching as my two boys start swinging baseball bats at each other (soft one’s don’t worry – this is pretty normal in my house).

The truth is, life is one big adventure … you never know what to expect! They come in all different ways like a simple trip to the grocery store, playing Super-Heroes in the basement or even being woken up at 4:00am to your screaming child scared of the nightmare he just had … all an adventure.

The best adventures are the one’s your kids make up using their crazy imaginations and watching adventure television cartoon shows help with that. Last weekend we saw ‘How to Train your Dragon’ and since seeing it, my son tells me how he wants to have a dragon take him to camp everyday.

Make your own adventures with your kids while sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn watching all the great adventure titles on Netflix.

Titles for Little One’s

Netflix Adventure Titles


1. Bo on the Go (the kids love this show, it gets them up and moving)
2. The Adventures of Puss and Boots
3. The Adventures of Figaro Pho
4. How to Train your Dragon 2 (next on our list of movies to watch)
5. The Adventures of Mickey Matson and the Copperhead Treasure
6. National Treasure: Book of Secrets

Titles for the Big Kids

Adventure Shows on Netflix

1. The Goonies (THE ABSOLUTE BEST – my all time favourite movie)
2. Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie (my little guy loves these penguins)
3. H2o Mermaid Adventures

You see, there are so many great shows on television for you and your little one’s to watch on a rainy day and make your own adventures with them while watching these titles and inspiring them to make their own adventures.

Bring it on!

Netflix Helps with Back-to-School #StreamTeam

Netflix Canada

Having an “almost” four year old who for the first time went to day camp all summer and then was going to big boy school for the first time (JK) he was SOOOO confused. When camp ended there was one week in-between the ending and school where I thought bringing out the “Getting Ready for JK booklet” which I bought from his school last year, was a great idea and WRONGGG! Huge strike out!! He had zero interest in it and just coloured the pages. So what did I turn to, trusty Netflix and their recommended back-to-school educational shows like Animal ABC’s and Super Why (his fave show) just to get him back into the groove and he was shouting answers out and repeating which was a good start.

One of my biggest fears about big boy school is bullying (him being a bully or him being bullied) and my husband decided to put on Karate Kid  (thanks Netflix for the suggestion) to show him that it’s not nice to be mean to other kids and since there was a little boy learning Karate, he really liked the movie.

For the month of September, there are other great back-to-school shows that are great for little one’s and big one’s like Glee (one of my absolute favourite shows) helping to build kids self esteem and social skills. Here are lists of titles that you should all check out in back-to-school spirit.

Titles for Big Kids

Netflix Back-to-School Titles

1. Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax
2. Ever After: A Cinderella Story
3. Glee
4. Radio
5. The Pursuit of Happyness
6. The Karate Kid
7. Turbo
8. Shrek

Titles for the Little One’s

Netflix Back-to-School Titles

1. Thomas & Friends: Thomas & His Friends Help Out
2. Monster Math Squad
3. Curious George
4. Super Why!
5. My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
6. Signing Time
7. Animal ABC’s
8. LeapFrog: Numbers Ahoy

If you are looking for a great Back-to-School activity, check out how to make your own adorable pencil/pen holder thanks to Sweet Potato Chronicles.

I hope everyone’s kids had a successful first week of school