The Toy that will Make your Kids Laugh #HolidayToyList


I was recently introduced to a new toy called Sing-A-Ma-Lings and when I mentioned these cute toys to a friend thinking they were new, she looked at me as if I was crazy for not knowing them!

I gave these funny looking yet totally adorable little things a go, handed them to my mini toy reviewer and let him decide if they were worthy enough of his time. Within 2 minutes of figuring them out, he was belly laughing because the Sing-A-Ma-Lings (we got 2 of them) were talking in their own funny language … TO EACH OTHER.  They communicate! He was so fascinated by them singing together that he tried to have them FaceTime to see if they can do the same thing over the phone

Sing-A-Ma-Ling Toy

I played around with them for a bit (during my mini’s nap time because there was no way I was laying a hand on them when he was up) and figured out there are three modes of play: Harmony (they harmonize together), Jibber Jabber (they talk in their funny language together) and Song (each one sings a word of a song together). Combine any of the 6 Sing-A-Ma-Lings and enjoy listening to them harmonize together.

This is definitely on my hot toy list for the holidays!


Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: $16.99

As if your mini can’t get enough of their Sing-A-Ma-Lings, you can catch them here on their Youtube channel

Happy Sing-A-Ma-Linging

It’s a Hasbro Kind of Holiday


As much as I dislike winter, I absolutely love the holidays! The decorations, the music, the family gatherings and of course for me, shopping for presents for my kids. Nothing makes me happier than seeing the huge smile on their faces when they open their gifts to find the newest, coolest toy. Now the problem is, which one’s to buy???

I had a chance to preview (and test) some of Hasbro’s newest toys (all ages) for the Holidays and I have to tell you, they were pretty amazing.

Here are my top picks for the Holiday’s

1. Furreal Friends – J.J the Jumpin Pug
By far, this toy is at the top of my list of “must-have” toys. I cant begin to tell you how much I love it, never mind my kids!! I originally brought it home for my younger son because he loves dogs, but as it turns out, my older son is playing with him just as much as my younger son! Wave your hand at him and he jumps up on his hind legs, barks and pants. If you want to calm him down, pet his hand and he sits back down. I have to tell you this toy pup has taken quite a beating as he has been thrown around and shockingly is still working perfectly (which is when I realized this is the closest we are going to get to a dog EVER). MSRP $49.99
*other toys in this category: Happy to see me Pets, Pets with Style, Lil’ Big Paws, Luvimals, Starlily my Magical Unicorn, Get up and Gogo My Walking Pup, Pom Pom My Baby Panda, Daisy Plays with me Kitty, Butterscotch My Walkin’ Pony

JJ Furreal Friend

2. Connect 4
What’s old is new again!! Who knew that something so simple could derive so much pleasure. I got this game for my older son as he is now at the stage where he wants to play games and we played it over and over and over. What I realized is that even though this is for older kids, the little guys can play with it too as it is great for dexterity getting the small chips into the slots. It kept my youngest son busy for at least 30 minutes emptying out the slots and filling them back up (comes in a mini travel version too). MSRP: $10.00
*other toys in this category: Monopoly Jr Frozen, Candy Land Disney Princess Edition, The Game of Life Junior, Monopoly Avengers Edition, The Game of Life Minions Edition, Trouble Minions Edition, Operation Minions Edition, Guess Who Extra Game, Scrabble Junior Game, 

Connect 4

3. Playskool Pop-Up Shape Sorter
With my first born (who was colicky might I add), I had a toy stuffed into my diaper bag or in my purse at any given time anticipating the massive meltdown while I was out. Who’s purse and diaper bag has the room for a big bulky toy??!!! Playskool has introduced a new line of toys which are great for moms who are always on-the-go. This adorable shape sorting kitty comes flat which is great for storage purposes and then pop it up to create a fun sorting game. Play – Stow – Go! MSRP $16.99
*other toys in this category: Stack ‘N Stow Cups, Roll ‘N Gears Car Toy, Wobble ‘N Go Friends, Pop-Up Rollin’ Ramp Toy, Dressy Kids Assortment, Fold ‘N Go Elephant Toy,

Playskool Pop-Up Shape Sorter

Playskook Pop up Shape sorter

4. Twister Moves Hip Hop Spots Game
What a fun game!!!! My kids (and I) had a blast playing even though we realized how terribly uncoordinated we are :) The game is rated for 8+ years but my 5 year old loved it and wasn’t too bad at it either. My 2 year old on the other hand … well let him have a turn because he giggled his way through his turn and made us all laugh. Play solo or with a friend and move to the beat by matching your feet to the flashing colours. Note to self: buy batteries for it! MSRP: $29.99
*other toys in this category: Twister Moves Hoop, Twister Moves Skip-It Game, Twister Moves Tracker

Twister Moves

5. Star Wars BladeBuilder Jedi Master Lightsaber
These toys are getting bigger and better than ever! When I saw this new Jedi Master Lightsaber, I thought I was in lightsaber heaven (I am a true kid at heart). Configure any way you want, make a new lightsaber every day with over 100 combinations. I didn’t have the kids test this one because the thought of having one of these in my house with two very rambunctious kids who like to constantly mount each other and play fight, sounds like … well you get it. MSRP: $49.99

Star Wars Jedi Master Lightsaber

6. Play All Day Elmo
The ultimate of all the Elmo’s on the market … bigger, smarter and funnier! If you are wondering what does he do, the question should be what doesn’t he do!!!! Unlike the rest of the Elmo’s, this Elmo grows with your child having stages of play (toddler and pre-school). Flip him upside down and he will tell you he is upside down, play pat-a-cake with him, put your face close to his and he will kiss you. Squeeze his nose and he plays games like red light, green light (guess what, he knows if your moving or not with his excelerometer) and Elmo says. He will engage with your child by asking what your little one’s favourite part of the day was. Put him into nap mode and he will play a lullaby and his voice will get softer and softer. He truly will be your little one’s best friend!!! MSRP: $79.99
*other toys in this category: Bath Time Elmo Plush, Sesame Street on the Go Friends, Elmo’s on the go Letters

Play All Day Elmo

Now the fun part … buying them, wrapping them and then passing them on to the kids.
Happy holidays to all (well almost)

What’s New with Sands Alive? It GLOWS!! Enter to #WIN

Sands Alive Glow

I thought just the regular Sands Alive was the coolest product on the market (which it still is, years later my big guy still loves to sit down and play with it) … but now comes Sands Alive Glow!!!

There’s just something about toys that glow that I have always loved. Yes, I was the kid who had glow stickers around her room and loved getting those glow bracelets and necklaces from birthday parties taking them into a dark room and swinging them around. Why didn’t they have toys like this when I was a kid???!!! Check this out!

 I gave my big guy the kit and he freaked! I told him to put on the special glasses and point the light at the sand (to charge it) and I explained how magically the sand will glow. As a side note: a kids reaction to all things magic is just so damn cute. I gave him the glow tool (make sure to pull out the tab PS) and he started drawing in the sand. Not only was he amazed, I was amazed – how cool is this?! My kid was in Sands Alive Glow heaven!!

Sands Alive Glow

Thank you to our wonderful friends at Sands Alive, they are giving away 1 Sands Alive Glow kit,
2 pounds of extra Sands Alive Glow for each kit and 1 Large deluxe blue sand tray to TWO lucky winners! The contest is open to CANADIAN residents only. Here’s how to enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hasbro Holiday Must-Haves


I had the opportunity to preview the newest, latest, greatest Hasbro toys coming out in the upcoming months for the holidays (yup, thats right, I said HOLIDAYS) and all I have to say is WOW. I, unfortunately couldn’t bring my older guy to test them out because he was at camp, though I have to be honest, I had a such a fun time testing them out myself 😉

Here is a (LONG) preview of some of the great toys to help get the ball rolling with those lists your kids are making.

All new Transformer: Age of Extinction sets starting with small building sets (DINOBOT CHARGE SET), Medium sets (GRIMLOCK STREET ATTACK SET) and large building sets (GALVATRON FACTORY BATTLE SET). All are very reasonably priced and of course easy to assemble as each has a step-by-step guides which will walk you through building it. What’s unique about these sets and many others is that the main building figures have magnets in them to capture the characters .. NEAT right??!!!

Transformers Kre-O

Nerf has really stepped it up by creating a whole new line of elite toys. NERF N-STRIKE MEGA THUNDERBOW  Toy (which was a ton of fun to play with might I add) made top of my list. Pull back and release to send the dart flying up to 100 feet. Comes with 10 darts ($34.99 – Available in August)

Nerf Thunderbow

Next on my list is the NERF N-STRIKE ELITE COMBAT CREATURE TERRADRONE which looks like an enormous bug and is powered by a remote control and works on all terrain. Just aim and fire. Comes with 12 darts ($69.99 – Available in November) – This was very cool!

Hasbro Nerf Terradrone

Lastly is the highest end of all the shooters is the NERF N-STRIKE ELITE NERF CAM ECS-12 BLASTER that has a built-in camera to record your child’s Nerf battle missions.  There is a 1.77″ colour screen for aiming and playback which allows the kids to show their friends for bragging rights 😉 Shoots up to 90 feet and comes with 12 darts. Oh did I mention a 4GB memory card is included which can hold up to 2000 photos. Requires AA batteries NOT INCLUDED ($89.99 – Available in August)

Nerf Elite Cam

Did you know there was a Nerf line for the little ladies’ out there called NERF REBELLE? Playing on the amazing movie, Hunger Games, this is a great line targeted to girls (but of course all can play with it) and has a whole spy aspect to it where you can write with a special pen on the missiles and they can only be read in a special decoder which come with a bunch of the blasters (Available in August)

Nerf Rebelle

Just when you think they have thought of it all, Hasbro comes out with a life sized (well for my big guy it is life sized) 31″ SPIDER-MAN FIGURE with articulation having head and body movement ($39.99 – Available in August)

31" Spider-Man

I reviewed the Superhero Mashers a little while back and thought it was such a neat idea (of course my son loved them) and now there is a SUPERHERO MASHERS MASH PACK offered for the holidays. Mash up all the Superhero’s to make your own custom Superhero … their little imaginations run wild! ($29.99 – Available in August)

Marvel Superhero Mash Pack

Now I don’t know much about Transformers (though I did play with them when I was a kid thanks to growing up with two older brothers), but the new Transformers action figurines are seriously out of control!!! I was able to try out the TRANSFORMERS: AGE OF EXTINCTION STOMP AND CHOMP GRIMLOCK ACTION FIGURE and this was pretty damn cool. Grimlock turns into Dino-Mode mode with a chomping jaw and light up eyes in one easy step. Included is a (non-converting) Optimus Prime who can ride him and unlocks electronic lights, sounds and pop-out weapons. As well, Grimlock has different lights and sounds depending on who is riding him (figures sold separately) $89.99 – Available in August

Grimlock Stomp and Chomp

New to Hasbro, this is going to be a HOT seller for the holidays! It’s a totally new art experience for kids. Put your favourite colour into the styler and squeeze to make your own 3D art. DohVinci sticks to surfaces such as wood, glass (you will need a scraper to get it off though), paper, cardboard and duct tape. DohVinci sold in different kits that will keep your kids busy for hours and yes it is non-toxic. Options are: STYLE AND STORE VANITY KIT, ANYWHERE ART STUDIO KIT, FLOWER TOWER FRAME KIT, MEMORY MASTERPIECE RIBBON BOARD KIT, DOOR DECOR KIT, PEACE PROJECT KIT, POP UPS ART BOARD ASSORTMENT (Price ranges from $5.99 – $24.99 – Available in July)


Mr. Potato Head
Take a mini Mr. Potato Head and combine it with a Superhero or Transformer and you have a mini MR. POTATO HEAD MIXABLE, MASHABLE HERO FIGURE and this was a big hit in my house ($5.99 – Available NOW)

Mr. Potato Head Mashers

So there is regular Play-Doh, Super soft Play-Doh … what’s next?? SPARKLE Play-Doh for the Disney Princess Sets (yes that’s right, there are now Disney princess sets with lots of great molds). With that, you can now get JAKE AND THE NEVERLAND PIRATES PLAY-DOH PLAYSET, DOC MCSTUFFINS DOCTOR KIT PLAYLET, SOFIA THE FIRST and MINNIE’S BOWTIQUE (Prices range from $7.99 – $24.99 – Available NOW)


As if the Play-Doh brand didn’t think of it all already, now they have a Play-Doh Game and I think it’s AWESOME. The PLAY-DOH LAUNCH-O-RAMA GAME is going to be a big hit this holiday season for the 3+ year olds. While Doh-Doh is spinning around, players load, mold and launch Play-Doh into his can. First player to launch three molds into his can WINS ($19.99 – Available NOW)

Play-Doh Launch-O-Rama

Playskool Heroes
I love this line as it is big boy brands for little hands! Where to start? The TRANSFORMERS RESCUE BOTS OPTIMUS PRIMAL FIGURE is pretty cool. Just twist of the torso, and the Autobot hero will convert from bot to Tyrannosaurus Rex! The OPTIMUS PRIMAL figure features over 20 phrases and dino sound effects and will even let out a load ‘roar’ in dino mode and lots of special effects, like the blue Energize Hide activation panel, dino chomping action, and working rescue drill ($44.99 – Available NOW)

Playskool Rescue DinoBots

My son saw a picture of the SUPERHERO ADVENTURES KAPOW ACTION FIGURES and insisted on me getting him these. Activate HULK smashing action by moving his legs, and watch HULK smash with his oversized plush fists! Activate SPIDER-MAN web slinging action by moving his legs back and forth and then pretend to spin webs with his oversized plush fists! Each Superhero has over ten fun phrases and sounds ($24.99 – Available in August)

Superhero Kapow

Did I ever love all the new Playskool toys coming out! I am most excited to test out the new ROCK, RIDE ‘N STRIDE HIPPO TOY as my little guy is at the stage where he loves to walk (assisted of course) and he thinks any toys that he can ride on are the funniest things on earth. This is a great transition toy that goes from a walker, to a rocker (you can lock the wheels) and then to a ride-on depending on your child’s stage. As you move, music plays to reward your motor skills – slow down and the music will fade, and move again to bring it back. For even more fun and stimulation, kids can press the 3 buttons on hippo’s dashboard to play with fun music, animal sounds, and silly sounds ($49.99 – Available NOW)

Playskool Rock N Stride HIppo

The Shapes ‘N Colours Turtle toy is another that is on my most wanted list. Tap and bat the turtle to watch it wobble around the floor! As little ones interact with the SHAPES ‘N COLOURS TURTLE toy, they will be rewarded with colourful lights and fun sounds. This toy helps develop hand-eye coordination with light up sounds and reactions ($19.99 – Available NOW)

Playskool Turtle

Sesame Street
All I can say is I am inlove with the new Elmo’s that are new to the market. My little guy is at the stage where he loves to play peek-a-boo and sure enough there is now a PEEK-A-BOO ELMO where you push his tummy and his arms will move to cover his eyes, release and he will reveal his eyes. That’s not it, he has 15 fun phrases that will make the kids giggle. LOVE LOVE LOVE ($24.99 – Available NOW)

Playskool Peek-A-Boo Elmo

I always wondered why there were never SESAME STREET BATH SQUIRTERS and now there are! We are sick of the regular ol’ duckies and since our little kiddies love Sesame Street this is a great addition to the bath (3 pack $12.99 – Available NOW)

Sesame Street Bath Squirters

FurReal Friends
How many times has your little one asked for a pet and how many times have you said no? Need a solution? FurReal Friends is your answer. I saw the GET UP AND GOGO MY WALKING PUP PET in action and I can understand why kids would love this. She sits and speaks on command, walks, wags her tail and even comes when you call her, she has a remote control on her leash. Like real dogs, GOGO reacts when other FurReal friends are near and barks to say hello. There is an app the kids can download to help care for their pet and she will even respond to all the on screen action with movement and happy barks! Within the app, kids can also play fun games, and even meet other virtual FurReal friends pets. Lots of pets to choose from. Batteries not included ($69.99 – Available August)

FurReal Friends Get up and GoGo

My Little Pony
I used to LOVE My Little Pony when I was a kid and now Hasbro has stepped it up and made a “create your own” My Little Pony with the MY LITTLE PONY POP DELUXE STYLE KIT ASSORTMENT. Twist off the two sides of the ponies in the pack and your little one can put together her (or his of course) pony in matching or opposite colours, pick her mane of all different styles, tail and decorate with stickers. Use additional stickers to create a custom cutie bracelet, and show your love of your favourite MY LITTLE PONY POP characters wherever you go! Fans can choose from PRINCESS TWILIGHT SPARKLE and PRINCESS CADANCE ponies or RARITY and PRINCESS LUNA ponies, each sold separately

My Little Pony

Have you heard of MY LITTLE PONY EQUESTRIA GIRLS? It’s new to me and it’s a cute concept. A magic mirror connects the world of My Little Pony to Canterlot High. The mirror is a portal to a magical new land with high schools instead of castles, and six pony friends become real girls full of fun and fashion. You can buy the dolls individually, the doll with accessories, the doll with their matching pony and best of all the Rainbow Rocks Mane Event Stage with Exclusive Figure

My LIttle Pony Equestria Girls

It doesn’t always have to be for the kids! Hasbro has a lot of fun games for both the kids and for us. Let me start with CATCH PHRASE DECADES which is honestly the best game. Whenever I get together with my girlfriends, we always play this game and we are always laughing our asses off – I HIGHLY recommend this game. You pick a category and the person holding the game has to get their team members to figure out the catch phrase on the screen by using words to describe it but not using “sounds like” or not saying any of the words in the catch phrase. Make sure to pass it on before the timer runs out and keep going until it buzzes. If it buzzes in your hands you lose a point ($24.99 – Available August)

Catch Phrase Decades

Remember Jenga? Now there is a new Jenga called JENGA QUAKE. The pieces sit on a moving base that shakes and quakes during game play for added challenge, excitement and a little bit more anxiety 😉  Build the tower as tall as you can without it all falling down on your turn ($24.99 – Available August)

Jenga Quake

So there you have it, all the best toys and games for your little one’s 2014 holiday list #HasbroHoliday
Happy shopping

The Newest in Playskool Super Heroes … And the Obsession Continues!

Playskool Heroes Super HeroesWhat’s better than Spider-Man? Suped-up shiny Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man with super awesome Spider Mobiles (those are my oldest one’s words, not mine).

We have a slight (and by ‘slight’ I mean it’s kind of out of control) obsession in my household with the Playskool Heroes Super-Heroes. In fact, we have a large bag of all the little Playskool Super-Heroes characters (probably more than you can imagine) and they come with us EVERYWHERE. I feel like they are apart of my family as I am always watching them whether it be at the park, at a program or at birthday parties to make sure they don’t disappear on me because you do not know the kind of meltdown that will follow (we already lost Green Goblin and we are still grieving his loss). Amongst this bag are multiple Spider-Man characters and not just your regular Spider-Man, they all look different so those are the one’s I have to keep a close eye on.

With the recent release of the new Spider-Man movie, Playskool released a new line of Spider-Man characters accompanied with some cool vehicles and lucky for us, we had the chance to review two of them and these toys are  better than ever.

Playskool Heroes Strike Tank and Wheelin' Bike

Amongst the many toys being offered, my son had the opportunity to test out the Playskool Heroes Marvel Super Hero Adventures Webstrike Tank Vehicle with Spider-Man Figure and Web Wheelin’ Bike Vehicle with Ultimate Spider-Man Figure and I have to say that I kinda wanted to play with them myself. My son truly loved how with each toy there was something interactive about each. The Web Strike Tank Vehicle has claws to capture the villains (or in the case below, it captures Spider-Man) as well as having a launching stinger and with the Web Wheelin’ Bike Vehicle, charge it by pulling it back and let it go to watch it pop a wheelie (we taught my son this new word).

Playskool Heroes Marvel Super-Heroes

I have always been a fan of the Playskool Heroes line because the superheroes are the perfect size for their little hands and they are VERY reasonably price for what you get (a Super Hero and vehicle)!

Where to Buy: Toys R Us

Bring on the imagination

Hasbro’s Newest … Marvel’s Superhero Mashers

Marvel Superhero Mashers

25 Spider-Man’s, 6 Hulk’s, 4 Thor’s, 12 Iron Man’s, 3 Dr. Doom’s, 6 Captain America’s, 4 Wolverines … and … I am going to stop there! Obsession much?!

A child’s imagination goes a long way especially when it involves Superheroes (at least in my boy world they do). My older son will use my younger sons play mat as a jungle gym for the Superheroes to have a battle, they then jump into the baby jumper to play in the playground and a lot of the time they end up in the pack n’ play which he calls jail.

Hasbro has fed into their imagination and created the ultimate custom Superhero … Mashers! Your little one can mix up their favourite Superheroes and create a brand new Superhero. You should hear some of the names F has come up with that have some funny super powers!

Superhero Mashers

This is a fun collection where the more you collect the more creative your little one’s can get and they can keep on mashing them up to create a whole new Superhero over and over again.

Mashers Collection Includes: Captain America, Hulk, Spider-Man, Dr. Doom, Electronic Iron Man, Electronic Wolverine, Hawkeye and Thor

Where to Buy: Target, Walmart, Superstores and Toys R Us

Happy mashing

The Ultimate in Girl Toys – Guest Reviews – ENTER TO WIN!

Blngles and Glitzi Globes

In my family, I am 1 of 4 kids and the baby might I add. My sister is the first born being 10 years apart from me and then there is my brother who is 8 years apart from me and lastly my other brother who is 4 years older than me so I really grew up playing with Transformers and G.I Joe’s (which I had no problem with at all), but not really your average girl toy. I have to say that walking through a toy store, I am always checking out the girl toys just of your pure curiosity (I have two boys, one of which is obsessed with Angry Birds and Superheroes) and wow, they have come a long way.

I was sent two girl toys to review, Glitzi Globes and Blingles which I passed along to two of my reviewers (full disclosure: I was kinda tempted to do the testing myself LOL). Here is what they have to say about each:

Reviewer: Melissa C

I allowed my daughter to help open the package when we got this toy, when it was finally open her eyes completely lit up and she was sooo excited. Her first words were “OMG mom SNOW GLOBES!!! Can we actually make them ourselves?” we got right at it, I read the instructions explained exactly how to do it and she started immediately. It was sooo easy to understand and I also found she was able to do it without assistance and she is 5. She pulled out all the pieces and filled her globes and completed her first globe! she was sooo amazed and right away asked if she could keep them in her room!!

Things I loved:
1)I loved that the glitter was in tablets so easy to slip in and shake!
2) So easy to poor the water in the globe with bottle that is provided (which is great because there is no cleanup required)
3) love the fun and colourful display case for all you completed globes
Things that could improve:

1) The water bottle they provide could be bigger or they could provide with multiples so you dont need to keep filling when making the larger globes- you had to fill about 3-4 times to fill the large globe

2) Next time I would use 2 small tablets as opposed to the big tablet for the large globe because you need to shake it quite a bit and really hard for the glitter to disappear as opposed to the smaller ones is about 2 shakes.
Overall, so fun and so easy with little to no mess! I would definitely buy this as a gift for someone as well as buy more to complete our set!
Glitzi Globes
Reviewer: Hailey K
My 5.5 year old daughter was given the opportunity to try a great toy called Blingles. She was so excited to start it right away. I had to help her set it up and go through the instructions with her. She loved the different colour jems and the choices of designes. Once I put it in front of her she was ready to go.
I thought it would be a independent activity but it required lots of help. She found the toy to be very organized and pretty to look at and go through, however the jems would not stick to the pen and the pen was small and hard to control. Some if the tools were hard to manipulate. Once we did it together she seemed a lot happier to keep playing with it. Once the Blingle was finished she loved the way it turned out and stuck it to the back of my phone.  Sometimes the jems move around on my phone but I just move them back into place.
My daughter enjoyed using the Blingles. She is a independent girl and keeps asking to use it again and the more she does the easier it is for her to do it herself.
These are just two more ideas that would make great gifts for the holidays .. and on that note … I am giving a Glitzi Globes away to one lucky reader!!! It’s easy to enter, here’s how: (open to Canadian residents only)

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Where to Buy:
Glizi Globes: Target, Sears, Walmart, Toys R Us
Blingles: Target, Sears, Walmart, Toys R Us, Canadian Tire, Superstore
Price on both: $24.99

Thanks Melissa and Hailey for your great reviews

Disclosure: I was given both products to try which I have provided free of charge to my guest reviewers. Their opinions are their own! Permission was granted from both reviewers to use  their children’s pictures.

It’s Shopping Time with Fisher-Price Friday’s

Fisher Price Friday

I LOVE toys and I love deals so naturally I got excited when I heard that my favorite toy brand (Fisher-Price) and Babies “R” Us are introducing Fisher-Price Friday’s and wanted to share!!!!!!!

Starting every Friday in September, Fisher-Price will offer half price Friday deals for 1 day ONLY! <<oy my poor husband>>

On Friday September 13th (looks like Friday the 13th isn’t such a bad day after all) all Fisher-Price Imaginext toys will be half price both online at (the site will be live on that day) and in stores. Remember … it is ONE day only and you have to use the site above. Time to get your shop on!!!

Imaginext Monsters U Factory


Happy shopping to all!!!

Hottest Toys for Summer

Canadian Toy Association

Lucky me, CTA (Canadian Toy Association) hosted their hottest toys of the summer event at the Toronto Zoo and I was invited with Frankie to have him test them out. I have to say my kid was in absolute heaven!!! There were toys EVERYWHERE!!!! Here are my picks as the favorites and some notables:

1. By far the biggest hit of the event was the Little Tikes 2-in-1 Wet ‘n Dry Bouncer. Although I love the Little Tikes Junior Sports ‘n Slide Bouncer that I bought last year, I am kicking myself for not waiting one more year (but I guess who was to know) because I would have 100% bought this. It combines water with a bouncy castle, what more can you ask for. The slide becomes a water slide and at the bottom of the slide is a little mini pool. You also get the benefit of having a dry area where there is no water which is right in the middle and a fun climbing wall.

Little tikes 2-in-1 Wet 'n Dry BouncerLittle Tikes Wet 'n Bounce

Price: approx $500
Where to buy: Toys R Us or on

2. Angry Birds Blast N Launch was another hit that day with my little guy. It is something that is so simple yet can keep them busy for a while. It is recommended age 6+ however, Frankie figured it out pretty quickly and then kept coming back to this game. All you have to do is step on the air launch pad and watch the angry birds rocket fly.

Blast N Launch

             Blast N Launch

Price: $15
Where to Buy: Toys R Us, Walmart, Target

3. Discovery Kids Inflatable 7 Piece Bowling Set is a larger than life bowling set (well for my son that is). Do you remember growing up the punching clown that never fell down? Same idea! They are weighted at the bottom so they pop back up, that is if you moms and dads aren’t smacking them down hard. I really enjoyed watching Frankie play with this toy

Discovery Kids Inflatable BowlingDiscovery Kids Inflatable Bowling

Price: appox $10.00
Where to Buy: Bed Bath and Beyond Online

4. My Knights’s Castle Mega Play might take a long time to put together (I honestly don’t know because it was already built by the time we got there), but is a lot of fun for the kids once it is complete. The best part is they can keep adding to it by purchasing more Mega Bloks or just keep changing the look up. The best part I find is that it is great for imaginative play

Mega Bloks Knights Castle

Mega Blocks Knights Castle

Price: approx $100
Where to Buy: Walmart Online 

5. As Frankie has started learning how to play different kinds of sports at Sportball, he went right over to the Little Tikes Clearly Sports Golf set and started hitting the golf balls that were already on the ground. For all the parents that hate bending, push the golf club down on ball and it magically appears in the clear shaft of the club. Im not sure he grasped the concept that you are supposed to aim for the cup with the pin, but none-the-less he was smacking the golf balls around. Perhaps maybe the next Phil Mickelson?!

Little Tikes Clearly Sports Golf

Little Tikes Clearly Sports Golf

Price: $20.00
Where to Buy: Toys R Us, Sears, Walmart

This is only a small portion of the toys that were there to test and there was a large selection for kids of all ages. To see more of what got on the hot list for the summer, click here

Enjoy summer

The Holiday “Wish” List

I am not entirely sure if this is my wish list or Frankie’s wish list, either way it ends up in his hands 😉 So here it is in no particular order:

1. Vtech Cogsley


Kids best friend!!!! The learning robot with a million things to play with on him. From what I read, he has a fun personality, fun dance moves and is quite witty (I will be the judge of that)! He has an LCD screen that images appear on, he helps you learn body parts by asking you to “turn his ear”, “touch his nose” etc.
Where to Buy: Toys R Us
Price: I bought it for $45, online you can buy it for $35  (damn)

2. Discovery Kids Build-and-Play Construction Fort

discovery tent

I really wanted to buy another product like this and lucky for me my friend bought it first and told me she hated it, that it was the hardest thing to put together because the parts were so small. The upsetting part was that I knew how much Frankie would have loved it because he likes us to build forts out of our pillows. I stumbled upon this one and saw that the pieces were larger and I thought I would give it a try – let’s see what happens
Where to Buy: Loblaws Supercentre or Sears
Price: $30

3. Magneatos


Frankie loves magnets so much that he tries to play with the magnet that opens the kiddie locks on all the drawers which is on the side of my fridge. So, naturally I bought it! Make shapes, build towers, build just about anything – I already love this!
Where to Buy: Scholar’s Choice
Price: $70 (not cheap but I have heard wonderful things about this)

4. Wedgits  


If you have a little builder in the house, then this is a neat product for them to try. 5 different shapes easily wedge together to make hundreds of designs. From what I understand, there is no wrong way to stack these
Where to Buy: Scholar’s Choice
Price: $36.99

5. Elefun


 Instead of toys all the time, I decided to take a walk down the games isle and see if there were games for two year old’s and although there weren’t many, I saw this one and thought it looked like a ton of fun for the little one’s. The elephant spurts little butterflies out of his long nose and you have to catch them with the net. Now it would be more about catching them and when they are older they can count the butterflies to see who wins
Where to Buy: Indigo
Price: $25.00

6. Smart Snacks Count ‘Em Up Popcorn

Smart Snacks Count 'Em Popcorn


We are at the stage where Frankie counts everything … steps, trains, animals, marvel characters .. EVERYTHING, though I am not sure he really gets it. I saw this product and thought it would be great for teaching him to identify the numbers while stacking (another favorite in our household)
Where to Buy: Scholar’s Choice
Price: $19.99


Disclosure: I was NOT paid nor given any personal perks to review these products – these are products I have found that I thought would be great