How to Tell the Left Shoe from the Right Shoe #ClipClops


Ever wonder how you are going to teach your little one left from right, left shoe from right shoe? I have tried the “hold your hand up and if you can make an L with your fingers <thumb and index> than that is your left side” – not exactly the best explanation to give a 4 year old. Then I tried “let the toes kiss” which is cute, sounds perfect … but … still didn’t work. So what’s next?

Here’s what I love about ClipClops
– The cute designs get the kids excited to put them on their shoes
– The designs are simple and easy to understand like a dog chasing a cat, a butterfly goes to a flower,  a rocket going to the moon and more
– The product is very good quality
– They exceed Canadian Safety Standards
– I absolutely love that it was created by a PhysEd teacher who saw kids having trouble with figuring out left shoe from the right shoe
– Very reasonably priced
– They work on both elastic laces, regular laces and velcro shoes

I knew my son would understand the concept of the dog chases the cat and that the space shuttle goes to the moon, so those were the designs I chose and when I attached them and gave him his shoes, he told me that the dog (giving me his left shoe) chases the cat (giving me his right shoe). Not bad huh?!!!! Now he has it down pat.

Word to the wise, once you buy them, watch the short clip below (also shown on ClipClops website) for how to attach them onto velcro straps, the elastics are not needed on the regular and elastic laces.

Clip Clops

Want them? You can purchase them on ClipClops website

Easy learning

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