The Best Breast Feeding Pillow There Is #Mombo

Comfot and Harmony Breasfeeding PillowWhen I first gave birth to my older guy, I was told of THE breast feeding pillow that I needed to have and naturally I listened and used it for the 6 months not knowing any different. I put it away knowing I was going to eventually have another and fast forward 3 years my new little guy came, I packed the same breast feeding pillow with my hospital bags  and as soon as he was born, I put it around me and couldn’t get the back part around me because I still had the epidural in and I was too sore to turn over and I got so fed up I just used a pillow which actually was a lot easier.

As soon as I got home from the hospital I sent my husband to get me a new pillow that didn’t have that back strap (I told him which one to buy because I didn’t know of any other brands) and this new one was a boat. It was too high and just felt awkward but I had no other choice at this point but to use it.

I was asked to try out a new breast feeding pillow called the Comfort Harmony Pillow by Bright Starts which I was thrilled to do, but by the time I got it, I had basically lost all my milk and therefore had to stop breast feeding. I kept it around the living room and when a girlfriend of mine was over she needed something to breast feed so I told her to use this one and she told me that she is “literally OBSESSED” (her words). I told her to take it home and be my product tester and that night, I got a text from her “I’m in love with this nursing pillow. It fits perfectly inside my glider so breastfeeding is way more comfortable at night – thank you so much for loaning it to me, I really owe you one!!!” and she actually told me that when the power went off at her house (because of the ice storm), she only grabbed a few things and one of those things “must haves” was the pillow. Now if that is not a ringing endorsement, I don’t know what is.

Comfort and Harmony Breastfeeding pillow

Here are the great features of the pillow:
– A unique feature where the pillow comes with a vibration device for calming that is inserted directly into the pillow which you push in on the middle of the pillow to active or deactivate the vibration
– If you think you are done with the pillow after breastfeeding you are mistaken! Because of the ergonomic design, the pillow is great for propping up the baby
– The slipcover comes in a lot of great designs
– The slipcover is of the highest quality and is very soft
– The slipcover is machine washable
– Not too soft where the baby will sink, but not too firm which would make it uncomfortable
– Great size
– Fitted

Comfort and harmony Breasfteeding Pillow

Makes a great seat! He loves it .. clearly.

Some things to note: 
– The product does not come with batteries for the vibration device which is NOT an issue, just make sure you have some on hand
– One thing my product tester made a comment about is about that she liked how snug the pillow was which makes it so comfortable, but she wasn’t sure how many body types it would fit

The pillow in the media, make sure to check them out:

Where to Buy: Buy Buy Baby, Babies R Us, Target

Happy feeding

Disclaimer: I was sent this product free of charge to test out and review, all opinions and views are my own


  1. This looks like an awesome product and want to try it! Will it adjust to fit any size one comfortable?

    • Hi Carol – It is an awesome product!!!! It truly depends on your body type I believe. I have tried it and a friend tested it (we have different body types) and we both found it extremely comfortable but it is not adjustable per say, you can separate it to fit the body, but I am unsure about all body types as it is snug. Feel free to email me with any questions

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