The Cake Smash Photo Shoot

Talk about fun … this was by far one of the most fun moments for both my husband and I and Frankie. I kept seeing pictures all over Facebook of these amazing cake smash photo sessions and inquired about the photographer. Once I only heard great things, I immediately booked my photo session for Frankie’s first birthday (obviously knowing me, I booked this months before his birthday). After spending weeks trying to figure out what he was going to wear (I can’t believe I am actually admitting that), the day finally arrived!

Hope (she is the photographer) from h2photo showed up with all her gear, set up in my living room and we were ready to go. First she took a few pictures of my husband and I with Frankie to get him comfortable with the camera and then we gave him the cake. I built this moment up in my head for so long thinking he would just destroy the cake (as he does with everything else) and I am pretty sure he was just confused. He touched it ever so gently to make sure it wasnt a toy and then he took one finger, swiped the icing, tried it and continued to just to eat the icing. Luckily, Hope had a few tricks up her sleeve and he started getting into the cake and then had sooooo much fun playing with it.
I am sure you all can agree that the worst part of getting a photo shoot done is waiting to see the pictures!!! Within a day or two, Hope sends you a “sneak peak” of your pictures and then within a few weeks (depending on how busy she is) she will send you the rest of the pictures. I absolutely fell inlove with all the pictures she took so I purchased the entire disc from her which was extra, but sooooo worth it.
I thought she did such a wonderful job and was so easy to work with that I bought a close friend a cake smash photoshoot for her son’s first birthday. If your looking for a fun, unique gift, here it is! This one will last a lifetime!!!

Hope is so sweet, she is offering my readers a special deal:
On location Cake Smash $100 session fee + $30 cake + $100 for 2 digital images = Regularly $230. For Babylish Readers $130
In Studio Cake Smash $50 session fee + $30 cake + $100 for 2 digital image = Regularly $180. For Babylish Readers $80

Here are a bunch of the pictures of the cake smash (it was hard to choose just one)

Company Name: h2photo
Contact: Hope Hanson-Baker
Phone number: 416-702-4165

                                                        Happy 1st birthday to your little ones


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