Your Very Own Personalized Book – “Find Me If You Can” and You Can Win 1!

Bammco Book

I am not sure if this is an every child thing or a “Frankie-ism” but Frankie loves to go through my iPhone photo album to look at  pictures of himself and goes absolutely nuts when he finds random old pictures of himself lying around the house (I barely print pictures these days, perhaps I should print more)!  He thinks it’s soooo funny to look at himself (I guess at this age you can’t really call them vein can you?! lol)

Naturally when I was asked to review a book called “Fine me if you Can”, I read up about it and I immediately accepted wondering what Frankie’s reaction would be to seeing his own picture in a seek and find book! The book is filled with amazing colourful pages with hundreds of faces and some where in there is your child’s cute little face – now you just have to find it and it’s not easy. At first Frankie couldn’t find himself, but after many tries and a lot of “um’s” (from him not me) he found himself and would get so excited he would laugh hysterically, then scream (excitement scream) and then high five anyone who was around him – he was so proud of himself!

Bammco Books

Bammco Books

Bammco Books

Further Information:
– We ship to the USA and Canada for the same price
– We never use a customers photo again without their permission.
– We own the rights to every photo in our book
– We cannot use a professionally taken photos due to copy write laws
– The book can be made with up to 120 faces in it
– By the time a child finishes the book they don’t remember where they were at the beginning
– Retail price $30.00 + $4.95 for shipping
– If you have other children and would like their picture in the book, please add on $5.00 per picture

I want to congratulate the authors as they just informed me that they were just signed by Source Books who is publishing their book!!! Apparently I am not the only one who love’s this book! 🙂

Thank you to our friends at Bammco  they are giving one of my VERY lucky readers their own personalized “Find Me if You Can” book featuring your child’s face. The contest is open to residents of Canada and the United States. Here’s how to enter:

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Good luck


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