Frequent question: What is the cost of baby alive?

What is the price of baby alive?

Baby Alive Toys & Gaming Products on Discount

Prices range from Rs. 3499 up to Rs. 3499.

Where can I buy baby alive?

Baby Alive –

How much is baby alive in the Philippines?

Baby Alive For Sale .

Top Baby Alive Dolls Philippines Price List 2021.

Top 10 products Price Store
Baby Alive Authentic Doll ₱ 449.00 Shopee
Baby Alive Littles By Doll Toy ₱ 499.00 Shopee
Baby Alive Baby Medical Bed With Accessories ₱ 1,100.00 Shopee
Baby alive My (Php1899.00) ₱ 1,899.00 Shopee

Is Baby Alive poop?

The Baby Alive Whoopsie Doo is an adorable, life-like doll that coos, giggles, eats, pees and even poops on her own, giving your child a fun-filled, true-to-life experience of what’s it’s like to be a mommy.

Does Baby Alive doll need batteries?

” Baby Alive reusable doll food is non-toxic though not intended for human consumption. ” Use only Baby Alive reusable doll food with our Super Snacks line of dolls. No expiry date. ” Requires 2 AA batteries. … Replace with fresh 3 x 1.5V “AA” or LR6 size alkaline.

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Does Walmart Sell Baby Alive dolls?

At Walmart, you’ll find a variety of Baby Alive dolls, all which are interactive and delightfully realistic. … Most Baby Alive Dolls are geared for children 3 and up.

Do Baby Alive dolls talk?

The doll speaks 25 sounds and phrases in both English and Spanish. Comes with an on-the-go baby carrier so that the kid can take her around easily. … The toy kit comes with a doll, outfit, carrier, bottle, diaper, rattle, and brush.

How does Baby Alive pee?

Baby Alive Potty Dance Baby is wearing big kid undies and she needs to go potty! … Hold baby’s hands and she’ll do a potty dance. Help her on the potty and she’ll sing and go “”pee-pee””! Don’t worry, the only place she goes is in the potty so there’s no mess.

How big is baby alive real as can be?

There are so many sweet moments to share with Baby Alive Real As Can Be Baby! With over 80 lifelike expressions, movements and sounds, this realistic baby doll responds to a child’s voice and touch.

Product Dimensions 5.94 x 18 x 15 inches
Item Weight 3.6 pounds
Domestic Shipping Item can be shipped within U.S.

What is the newest Baby Alive doll?

She REALLY grows! Baby Alive Baby Grows Up interactive doll transforms from newborn to baby to big girl.

Who makes Baby Alive dolls?

Baby Alive is a baby doll brand made by Hasbro that eats, drinks, wets and in some cases messes and has a movable mouth. It was originally made and introduced by Kenner in 1973, and reintroduced by Hasbro in 2006.

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Can Baby Born eat baby alive food?

Do not feed your Baby Alive doll with real baby food because this will make your doll smell bad. Lay BABY born® across your arm and feed her with your other hand using the included spoon. …

Can you make your own food for baby alive?

To make the Baby Alive Food, mix together:

3 Tablespoons of baking soda, 3 Tablespoons of plain tap water, and 1-3 drops of food coloring. Use yellow for bananas, green for green beans, etc.

Do reborn babies eat?

You’re not actually feeding the baby; you’re feeding mold. If your doll has a hole in its mouth, liquid can grow inside the baby. How do I travel with a reborn? … You may face hecklers, but if your reborn doll looks very realistic, most people will just think it is a real baby.

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