Is baby rash cream good for acne?

Benzoyl peroxide reduces inflammation and levels of acne-causing bacteria, while salicylic acid removes excess oil and dead skin cells that can clog pores, he added. Dr. Kathleen Suozzi, assistant professor of dermatology at Yale School of Medicine, agreed that a diaper rash cream isn’t the best choice for blemishes.

Can I use baby rash cream on my face?

In both cases, diaper cream helps repair the skin barrier and reduce inflammation. This is all thanks to zinc oxide. … With this in mind, diaper cream can be a useful acne spot treatment. Marchbein doesn’t recommend using it all over your face like Dhukai, though.

Can you use diaper rash cream on acne?

“Applying zinc oxide to the face is not a good idea for acne-prone skin as it causes occlusion of the skin and can trap sweat and heat underneath, oftentimes triggering acne.” Yes, while some diaper rash creams have soothing ingredients that can help acne, others can actually make your breakouts worse.

Does baby cream help acne?

Some types of makeup, sunscreens and moisturizing lotions may block pores, making acne worse. Only use products that are “oil-free” or “non-comedogenic”, meaning they will not block pores. Do not use greasy products like petrolatum, cocoa butter, baby oil, or baby lotion on your skin.

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Which diaper rash cream is good for acne?

In the same vein of odd skincare hacks, the praises of using Desitin (or diaper cream) as an acne treatment can be found all over the internet and social media, with many proponents claiming that it’s the be-all and end-all secret to a clear complexion.

How do you use diaper rash cream for acne?

‘Apply the diaper rash cream as a spot treatment, UNDER your makeup OR as a leave on mask before bed and wake up with soothed acne that goes away within a few days,’ she explained. ‘I applied mine 3 nights in a row, and I used it under makeup during those days too and it completely got rid of everything!

Can zinc make acne worse?

Antibacterial Benefits

Studies have shown that zinc can kill the bacteria (known as Cutibacterium acnes or Propionibacterium acnes) that invade pores and cause acne.

What helps baby acne go away?

Lifestyle and home remedies

  1. Keep your baby’s face clean. Wash your baby’s face daily with warm water and mild baby soap.
  2. Dry your baby’s face gently. Simply pat your baby’s skin dry.
  3. Don’t pinch or scrub the acne. You may cause more irritation or an infection.
  4. Avoid using lotions or oils on your baby’s face.

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Is Vaseline good for acne?

The American Academy of Dermatology doesn’t recommend petroleum jelly for people who are prone to acne breakouts. If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you can still use Vaseline around your eyes and on your eyelashes, but avoid using it on your face since it’s comedogenic, meaning it can clog pores.

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Which cream is best for acne?

The 12 Best Pimple Creams to Clear Up Acne Fast, According to Experts

  • Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. …
  • Eau Thermale Avene Cleanance Expert Lotion Treatment. …
  • Murad Rapid Relief Acne Spot Treatment. …
  • X Out® by Proactiv Spot Corrector. …
  • Hyper Clear Brightening Clearing Vitamin C Serum.

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Does sudocrem help acne?

Sudocrem is thought by many to be effective in the treatment of acne spots because of the zinc oxide and benzyl alcohol it contains. Zinc is an important nutrient your body needs to fight infection and inflammation.

Is it OK to put Desitin on your face?

That’s why it’s not a good idea. Basically you’re taking oily, inflated and potentially infected skin and putting a barrier on it and potentially making it worse.” So there you have it — zinc good for your acne, petroleum not so much. Unless you want to clog every pore on your face, we wouldn’t recommend this.

How does Zinc clear acne?

In addition to its anti-inflammatory properties, topical zinc may help clear acne-causing bacteria from the skin and reduce oil production.

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