Question: How do I become a professional baby cuddler?

How much do baby cuddlers make?

A successful professional cuddler will grow her clientele and develop repeat business. Cuddlers can do multiple cuddling sessions per day. They typically make $40 to $80 per hour, plus tips.

Can you volunteer at hospitals to hold babies?

Baby cuddlers are hospital volunteers extensively trained in Neonatal Intensive Care Units across the country. Some hospitals call them Rockers or Huggers. … They simply hold the infants and read, talk or sing to them when the families can’t be at the hospital because of work, school or other child care commitments.

Is baby cuddling a real job?

Hospitals do receive help from volunteers around the county, which are known as ‘Baby Cuddlers’ but are in need of more. These cuddlers give the newborn the affection and love they need, rocking them to sleep. In some hospitals, the volunteer program became so popular that they decided to make it a part-time job.

How can I volunteer in the NICU?

Ways to Volunteer Post NICU

  1. Cook a meal at the local Ronald McDonald House.
  2. Become a hospital volunteer.
  3. Donate blood.
  4. Become a NICU support parent.
  5. Start a local preemie support group.
  6. Knit hats for babies in the NICU.
  7. Bring snacks to the NICU for special holidays.
  8. Start a NICU Family Council.
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How much do professional cuddlers make a year?

Professional cuddler earns $40G a year. A big-hearted woman has quite literally embraced a most lucrative career – as a professional cuddler. Affectionate Robin Marie, 48, earns $40,000 a year, or $80 per hour, from her unique job and spends around 45 hours-a-week spooning, hugging and snuggling.

How much does a professional cuddler cost?

Meet the cuddlers

Sessions cost as much as $80 an hour and last 90 minutes to three hours on average. Clients choose between 70 different cuddling positions with names like “Mama Bear” and “Gummy Worm.” One professional cuddler, Olivia, heard about the business and decided she’d like to participate.

How can a man become a professional cuddler?


  1. You have a photo to attach.
  2. You can be affectionate to anyone.
  3. You are accepting of all races, ages, genders, and sexual orientations.
  4. You should be reliable with strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  5. You understand and agree to the Cuddler Contract.

What careers work with babies?

Career Spotlight: 24 Jobs Working with Babies

  • Neonatal nurse: Neonatal nurses specialize in working with newborn babies who are premature, may have birth defects or have other issues. …
  • Doula: …
  • Delivery nurse: …
  • Pediatrician: …
  • Pediatric nurse: …
  • Child care center worker: …
  • Nanny/Au pair: …
  • Midwife:

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What is a NICU Cuddler?

Cuddlers are volunteers trained to rock and hold babies in the NICU. … Your doctor and/or nurse decide when a baby is ready for a Cuddler. Ask your baby’s nurse or the Child Life Specialist for more information.

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How can I make money cuddling?

Professional cuddlers can make around $40-$80 per hour by just cuddling with a random stranger. That is not a cheap compensation. Clients can also offer tips and traveling fee. Many people have started making money as a professional cuddler.

Why do they charge for skin to skin contact?

This is to ensure both patients remain safe. There is an additional charge associated with bringing an extra caregiver into the OR. The charge is not for holding the baby, but for the additional caregiver needed to maintain the highest levels of patient safety,” a spokesperson told CBS Salt Lake City affiliate KUTV.

Can you hold babies in the NICU?

Depending on your baby’s health, you might be able to hold your little one even if he or she is on a ventilator or has an IV. If the doctors feel that would be too much, you can still hold your baby’s hand, stroke his or her head, and talk and sing to him or her. A gentle touch will be the most reassuring.

How do I volunteer at a local fire department?

  1. Step 1: Are You Ready to Become a Volunteer Firefighter?
  2. Step 2: Contact Your Local Fire Department.
  3. Step 3: Apply for a Position & Complete the Screening Process.
  4. Step 4: Get Your Volunteer Firefighter Training.
  5. Step 5: Consider Earning a Degree in Fire Science.
  6. Volunteer Firefighter FAQ.

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Where can I volunteer to hold babies NYC?

NewYork-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital Cuddlers have a special place in their hearts for newborns needing some extra TLC. As a volunteer Cuddler, you can hold, swaddle and comfort infants in the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU), supplementing the visits of parents and staff.

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