What is the white spot on my nipple breastfeeding?

Many women experience milk blisters, also known as milk blebs, during breast-feeding. These small white spots, which look like milk-filled blisters, occur when nipple pores become blocked. Milk blisters are often caused by: an improper latch.

What is the white spot on my nipple?

A white spot on the nipple usually occurs in breastfeeding women, but can occur at other times. It is also referred to as a blocked nipple pore, a bleb or a milk blister. It is usually about the size of a pinhead or a little larger. The skin surrounding the white spot may be red and inflamed.

Can you pop a milk bleb?

Don’t push into the blister as it can push bacteria deeper into the nipple. If there is any loose blister-like skin, your health care provider may need to remove that also, using sterile tweezers and small sharp scissors to entirely remove the excess skin.

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What does a milk bleb look like?

Milk blebs or blisters usually look like a tiny white or yellow spot about the size of a pin-head on your nipple, and often resemble a whitehead pimple. The skin surrounding a milk bleb may be red and inflamed, and you may feel pain while nursing.

How can you tell if your nipples are infected from breastfeeding?

Symptoms of a breast infection can start suddenly and may include:

  1. abnormal swelling, leading to one breast becoming larger than the other.
  2. breast tenderness.
  3. pain or burning while breastfeeding.
  4. a painful lump in the breast.
  5. itching.
  6. warm breast.
  7. chills.
  8. nipple discharge that contains pus.

How do you treat white spots on nipples?


  1. placing a warm compress on the breast and nipple before a feed.
  2. using a cold compress after feeding to reduce discomfort.
  3. taking a warm shower and gently rubbing the blocked nipple with a towel.
  4. massaging the breast and nipple, taking care, as they bruise easily.
  5. hand-expressing milk before the feed to soften the breast.

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How do I get rid of white bumps on my nipples?

What are the best remedies for milk blisters?

  1. Saline solution. To remove the blockage, soak the nipples in a solution of salt and warm water. …
  2. Nipple massage. Gently massage the nipple to release the blister. …
  3. Warm compress. …
  4. Olive oil. …
  5. Expressed milk. …
  6. Frequent breast-feeding. …
  7. Hospital-grade breast pump. …
  8. Soothing ointment.

Can a bleb cause mastitis?

Milk Blisters (Blebs)

They can be associated with mastitis. A milk blister is not the same as a blister caused by friction, either from incorrect latch or a badly fitting nipple shield or breast pump flange.

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Are milk blebs painful?

While milk blebs may be noticeable in appearance, they aren’t usually painful. However, some women do report some discomfort when breast-feeding. Milk blisters are raised, fluid-filled areas of skin.

How do you unblock milk blebs?

Talk to your GP who might try using a sterilised needle to pierce the side or top of the blister and squeeze. This should unblock the duct and allow the milk to flow again. Make sure you keep the area clean while it’s healing .

Do Milk blebs go away on their own?

If you do get a milk bleb, try to breastfeed through it. The bleb should go away on its own within a few weeks. However, if breastfeeding is too painful or a bleb does not get better, call your provider. They can help you get the appropriate treatment.

Can you pop a clogged milk duct?

Try squeezing just behind the blister; you might be able to squeeze out some toothpaste-like material through the now opened blister. If you have a blocked duct at the same time as the blister, this might result in the duct unblocking. Putting the baby to the breast may also result in the baby unblocking the duct.

What is a bleb?

In medicine, a bleb is a blister (often hemispherical) filled with serous fluid. … In the lungs, a bleb is a collection of air within the layers of the visceral pleura. In breasts a bleb is a milk blister (also known as blocked nipple pore, nipple blister, or “milk under the skin”).

What do thrush infected nipples look like?

Symptoms of nipple thrush include: itchy, flaky, or shiny skin on the areola or nipples. red or cracked nipples. stabbing feeling deep within your breasts during or between feedings.

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Why do I get shooting pains in my breast after nursing?

If he or she finds that you have mastitis, the infection can be easily treated with antibiotics. You may also have a yeast (or thrush) infection of your breast. It’s important that you call your doctor if you have any of these symptoms: shooting or burning breast pain either during or after feedings.

How do I prevent my nipples from getting infected while breastfeeding?

Air-dry your nipples after breastfeeding, and change breast pads often to keep your nipples dry. Avoid using shampoos and soaps on your nipples. If you can, avoid using teats, bottles or dummies.

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